I. AM. BACK. Part 2!

Yes - there's a part 2! I wasn't originally gonna write more for a while, but after I published that post last night I realized what I had missed. And of course, since I won't really have the time to write full-length reviews until the weekend, this will have to suffice until the weekend. School starts tomorrow - give me some time to adjust to a new class and new subjects!

Sometimes I think my readers (if I even have any regular ones) have forgotten that I'm first and foremost an English music blogger - I built the foundations of PRN on British and American music, not kpop. Asian music was just an afterthought - when I started blogging about kpop PRN was already established. Ugh but enough of that.

This is like ages old, but I never wrote about it on a blog of my own (they've always been comments on Ken's and Jio's blogs) so I thought why not. I've never liked the idea of Charice - a girl who makes her voice sound like a 40 year-old on purpose. She's talented, I won't deby her that, but it's a personal taste that I don't like voices like hers. In comes an argument I find stupid - why should I support her if I don't even like her? People always say "support Charice, she's Pinay!" but I refuse to, because I don't like her music or her voice. Why will I put my support behind someone I don't think is any good? Because we come from the same country? Because she has a sob story to tell? I look at music, at taste and aesthetics, not personality and background - if I judged an artist based on how he acted or whatever, then that person shouldn't be called an artist. What makes it worse is that in comes stupid David Foster - what does that guy know about music? I mean yeah sure he wrote a few pop hits here and there but he hasn't really done anything ground-breaking. *sigh* Whatever.

Exactly how long was Usher #1 in the US? I don't even wanna know, but just seeing blogger friends annoyed about how he's still number one week in and week out annoys me. I heard OMG back in April, and by the end of the song I was like So where's the song? - it goes nowhere. The melody's boring and Usher's trying to do this "lay low" R&B whatever but he clearly can't. Give me something as good and epic as Yeah!, Confessions or Burn, then we'll talk.

I tried listening to the new Miley song without the video (since the first time I heard it I was watching the video), and it's not as bad as it originally sounded. I still don't like it, but as a song it sounds like Miley a few years after Hannah Montana, and she is Miley a few years after Hannah Montana started. What's happening to Miley right now kinda reminds me of what happens to a lot of popular kpop girl groups - their talent company pushes a "radical change" or whatever and it really looks like they changed because the videos are racy, the performances are scandalous and everything looks different, but you hear the music and it doesn't fit the look. Can't Be Tamed kinda matches her new look though, but I can still hear traces of the "old" Miley.

You guys thought I forgot Kylie, didn't you? I wasn't that engrossed in kpop world not to notice. Shame on you! LOL.

When Kylie's All the Lovers came out, I remember all my blogger friends going crazy. I listened, and though I didn't say it, I loved it. I really did. I got my hands on the Aphrodite megamix today and here we go again - I'm in love. The first song is probably the most brilliant 'coz it's so cheery and whatnot, but everything else is just WHOA. I like. Nine and a half minutes of brilliance? Nine and a half minutes of brilliance. Well, it looks like I'll be waiting for the album then - I'll expound (LOL) on all the songs when it's out then. Yayyyy.


  1. Kylie's Aphrodite will be IMMENSE!

  2. Here we go:

    -Charice: overrated. Also, rumor has it she's either joining the cast of GLEE next year or is guest starring [I hope both are false]

    -Usher: terrible...TERRIBLE song

    -Miley: I hated the song the first time I heard it, but...it grew on me after a few more listens. Then came the ridiculous video which (you guessed it, I hated then later, secretly, liked). I feel like Miley is trying to escape from her Hannah Montana image a wee bit too fast. She apparently refuses to reference both Britney & Christina who were Disney darlings then pop princesses then sex kittens, with varying degrees of success.

    And for those even interested in her album based on this song...don't bother. The rest is cheap electro nonsense & (believe it or not) a cover of Poison’s "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" …which is as dreadful as you think it is

    -Kylie: All The Lovers is as close to perfect pop as you'll find nowadays. I hate that Kylie hasn't reached diva status [in the states, I mean] yet she's delivered consistent pop records since Light Years - one of my favorites. I can't wait for Aphrodite!

  3. Ugh to everything except Kylie. No one else comes close :)

  4. Charice? That's a little harsh! - The song is good, I do like it, but I kinda get your argument...I try to focus just on the music, nothing else...

    I've never been a big Usher fan, and the new song doesn't really change that. It's been number 1 here for a while, and probably will be for a little more, it's OK, listenable, danceable, but not quite a personal favourite...

    I think yes, Miley is moving away and trying to establish a music career as an adult, and I do hope it all goes well (And Hilary Duff's same phase gave us Dignity, AMAZING, so...:). I REALLY like the new single, and given I've never been a huge fan, that's great! - Amazing stuff, bring on the album!

    Kylie????? AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!!! - I think I will actually explode when it's released, as I've said, in blue & white glitter :P!!!!! - Great stuff - She's a GODDESS!!!!

  5. You know what? I wasn't giving Kylie's song any chance, till you wrote about it on your blog....I heard and read so many reviews on it but yours actually made me listen to it, and its actually REALLY GOOD!!

    have to find more of her stuff.....

  6. Wait...so what did you think of Charice's song?!

    lol and I never would have guessed that you liked Usher...


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