No, this is not a review, I'm sorry to say.

This is another one of my "I'm alive, don't worry" posts - I seem to be fond of them.

I don't know what's happening, to be honest with you. These past few days, especially when I got back from China, I've been itching to write - the ideas are all in my head and I know which songs I want to talk about but for some reason, when I do get the time to write, my mind goes blank. If you could see my Blogger control panel thingy, it's overflowing with unfinished drafts that I want to finish, but can't.

Even with my current case of writer's block, which I don't know why it came around, and how long it will last, there is something I can promise you guys. And no, this is not like the promise I made about the SuJu vocal commentary.

On the 1st of December, midnight my time, I'll be starting to count down the 50 best songs of 2010, in my opinion as always. I've done this every single year since 2007 (on Pop Addicted!) and just because I'm not writing, and don't have the time to, lately, doesn't mean there won't be an extravaganza like no other in December. There will also be some Christmas-themed posts coming, and maybe (MAYBE) a "10 best albums of 2010" series, like every year. This is a tradition for me and it gives me the chance to do a lot of things I never got to do during the year, so there's no way I'm not doing it this year.

That's all. For now. Thanks for sticking by me guys, whoever you are. If you'd like to catch up with me or chat or whatever, follow me on Twitter. If you haven't already. ;D

I'll be back on December 1.


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