'Ppop' stands for 'Pathetic Pop'

I've tried to hold this in for long enough for the sake of keeping 'peace', but seriously, things have gone WAY too far.

Philippine music has always been something I DO NOT like and because I don't like it to start with, I don't bother blogging about it on a regular basis. The only problem is one, I'm a music blogger from the Philippines and two, my dad is one of the most influential record producers in the country - I know 70% of the popular band bands and I've seen most of them work in the studio.

Like a lot of other countries, the Philippines has a term for all original compositions and material that's put out - OPM or Original Philippine Music. Original Philippine Music is anything and everything originally written, produced and performed by Filipino acts, in the Philippines.

I personally grew up hearing this all over the place, and I grew up seeing a lot of the acts under this 'genre' record and perform - even if I don't personally like them, I know what kind of work it takes to put out stuff like this.

Over the past few years, OPM has been a lost cause - stupid record company executives tried numerous ways to amuse and entice consumers but record sales dropped, and dropped, and dropped. There are good musicians in OPM, don't get me wrong, but a lot of what's put out right now is trash and/or a direct knock-off of another country's music, which is NOT called OPM.

There were bands who stood their ground and still managed to gain success - Sandwich, Sugarfree, Urbandub, Hale, Calalilly to name a few. Even if there were bands who weren't really that good, they were constantly putting out OPM and they actually had listeners who bought the records and went to the gigs.

In comes this new marketing strategy, 'P-Pop'/'Ppop', directly ripped-off from Kpop and even Jpop. The promotional format is almost identical to that of kpop acts - teaser videos, dance cuts, greeting/ment videos and official debut dates/appearances.

Prime examples:

I appreciate the fact that there's actually Filipino in the songs, and that they're trying to get more people to listen to Philippine music by giving people what they want, but this is just going waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too far.

I'm partially angry because these people are ripping off Kpop, but even most Kpop singles are American rip-offs. I hate the fact that these people are openly and shamelessly copying someone else's music and I hate how desperate they are to do so. However, there is a bigger reason why I'm angry, and why I gave a briefing about OPM.

Yes, I like Kpop, and yes, I was a fan long before it even hit here, but you have to realize that I have my reasons for liking it

I'm annoyed, furious and ready to cry right now.

I don't see why the effin' crap these stupid people have to change and attempt to replace a perfectly functional genre with some bad knock-off of someone else's knock-off. If all they do is rip off kpop with the material and the music videos, then I don't give a damn - they can copy every single existing kpop band for all I care. The minute they mess with the categorization and try to CHANGE it though, that's when I have to step in and speak my mind.

OPM has been alive since before I was born, it's given me and generations before and after me influential bands/acts and people who I may not like, but who shaped my country's music. These people were creative, they were ground-breaking and they were outstanding musicians.


I don't want to see my dad's efforts go to waste, I don't want to see all these acts' creativity and musicality just get overshadowed by some over-processed, over-orchestrated garbage. I'm sorry for the term, but I just can't keep my mouth shut anymore.

If there's one thing about OPM that I can live with, it's that the music is there - it's real, it's original, even if sometimes there are similarities, these songs still came from MUSICIANS, and there is good OPM no matter how hard it is to find. But this 'Ppop' is pitiful.

Before I thought Philippine music was in pretty bad shape already, but now I think it's just pathetic. I swear, if this 'Ppop' crap keeps it up, I'm destroying all my dreams of writing for The Rolling Stone or Billboard or The BBC or a talent company and I'm going to spend my entire life whipping these stupid people and the Philippine music industry into shape. This is my country, my country's MUSIC, and this is what my dad tried to fix - if no one's gonna do it, I am.

Bash me all you want for this article, I frankly don't care anymore. If you agree with me, great, but if you don't nothing's stopping you from speaking your mind. Just remember that I have a right to say what I did.


  1. Awesome. OPM can also mean Original Pathetic Music. OPM has really gone bonkers since you know when. It's just sad. We either get novelty crap or Pathetic Pop. <__< The indie scene is doing fine but once they do mainstream stuff, their music changes. It's . . . just really really sad.

  2. It's sad that we don't like our OWN recording industry is offering us at the moment. Well, personally I'll never ever ever like cheap, pathetic pop music even if it's written / produced by one of the best writers of the world.. At least if they're going to make good music make it THAT good and try not to make rip-offs cause at the end, it'll sound cheap and pathetic. Puhleeeaassee, I'd rather listen to too much indie than listen to those.

  3. The OPM industry has hit a new low with this... "PPop", which sounds like an absolute ripoff. It's disappointing how Pinoys choose to follow the trend (and failing at it) than to create one. The industry which I had admired (once upon a time) is now full of wannabes.

  4. I MADLY ADMIRE YOU ATE NICOLE FOR WRITING THIS. haha. SWEAR. Well, that's the sad truth. Philippine music nowadays is really unbearable. I personally think it is nothing more than a recycled crap. Honestly, having this ''P-POP'' won't bring the industry any good at all. Jeez, what were they thinking? I feel so sorry towards them. Nonetheless, still hoping they'll realize that they have made a huge mistake. *sigh*

  5. Girl, as usual. You always have me loving your articles. What you conjured was exactly my thoughts.

    Why must we always follow with the trend? Can't they see that everything's just a PHASE.

    I really don't buy this thing they call "PPOP". I'd rather call it TRASH.

    What the heck are these people thinking? Have they really gone crazy?

    Man, all they did was do pretty much what losers do bigtime. And with RIP-OFFS and AUTOTUNE pa? Eew. I really hate their stinking guts.

    Nakakahiya sila. They should have left some pride naman for the real and original Pinoy Music.

    These "trend" thing is the reason why our very own music industry is slowly falling apart. Let's face it, we'd rather be "xerox-machines" or "recycle-factories, than be creative with our music.

    Gah. Forgive my ranting here, but I really hate how desperation sounds. And that's what all these PPOP is. DESPERATION.

    PPOP? I'd like to think of it as POOP instead.


  6. Now, this got over the top.

    It's like saying that The Beatles should not copy Elvis Prestley, or 光GENJI avoiding being copied by H.O.T.

    No matter how bad and downright they are in desperately copying the music, I believe doing the bashing outright is such a shit-stirrer. Look at Thailand, were they even bashing D2B or K-OTIC?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve listened to a variety of tunes, name it and I’ve probably listened to it. The KPop engine works like the Japanese models they had before. I’ve listened to oldtime JPop like 後ろ指さされ組 or ゆうゆ and Korean companies churn them like crazy almost every week. To put them off and downright bashing them can be quite distasteful, and if I may add, a "cowardly act" if I may add.

    As long as they keep to their roots, they remain the way they are, and they're given more and more freedom to what they're singing and writing, I guess they have my 300 pesos.

  7. What do we expect now? If we start criticizing people/musicians, we must be ready to provide an alternative it's like saying "Gloria, resign!" without having anyone good enough to replace her. I suggest a medium where in FILIPINOS like us who LISTEN to Filipino music where we could share our thoughts on how we can improve the quality of our country's music. I admit I may not be a topnotch musician or even a good one for that matter, but I believe with our youthful enthusiasm and with the help of our musically gifted kababayans, we can develop and improve the music that we consume. We can't just rant and expect things to turn around and become better. we should do something about it. The problem right now is that producers (commercial ones, I'm sure not your dad) believe in profit over musicality. They will create what sells, regardless of the quality. we have to prove to them that that is not the case. I can remember when lyrics from Filipino artists would make me smile because of they're really clever if not intelligent. Now we're reduced to "You're so hot, hot, hot" and "Crazy, crazy for you." What about an online project where we can voice out improvements that we deem crucial for the emergence of Filipino pop if not OPM altogether. I actually don't have solid idea yet because I just read your article and started ranting but isn't it a good idea? Filipinos ARE talented, AND intelligent, all we need is to channel them in the right way. Personally, i think going indie is the way to go (It actually goes the same for Filipino films). Producers don't want to take risks so we succumb to selling small time or uploading our stuff in YT. The saying is right. "Mabuhay ang OPM!", because right now is close to dead.

    I'm a new reader and I must say your a beautiful writer and a talented persn. Thank you for this blog.

  8. well it all boils down to one thing, the best way to uplift philippine music is to support it rather than patronizing foreign music...it still holds true in other things......no matter how pathetic it seems to others,no matter how one disowned it, there's no denying the fact that its filipino...what's pathetic is some people criticizing the music industry and still listening to something "foreign"...if something needs to be done/improved, action rather the words would suffice.

  9. PPop is just starting so it wouldn't be a surprise if the material they are coming up with isn't very good. I'm not updated with what's happening in the local music industry but I've done a little research recently and it seems that there are two PPop groups that seem to be well-known - Pop Girls and XLR8. I saw Pop Girls' first MV and honestly speaking, I was so ashamed at having to see such a desperate attempt at copying KPop's Wonder Girls. I didn't bother with them after that but I saw a music video they released and to me, there was improvement in terms of the quality of the music video. The song isn't anything worth mentioning though. But it's pop so... Anyway, I saw the video you posted -XLR8's You're So Hot. I was honestly expecting a music video of extremely poor quality. The MV exceeded my expectations, well my expectations weren't high but still, shows that PPop is improving if the MV is better than the very first try at PPop. I saw XLR8's I Love You Girl and I found the MV to be so obviously a copy of Super Junior's Sorry Sorry with the black and white colors. But the song is actually pretty catchy and makes sense. Granted, it isn't deep but at least it makes sense. PPop has a long way to go but at least there is improvement. I just wish they stop blatantly copying KPop. It's alright to be influenced by it but I hope that eventually, they come up with something that isn't a copy. There has to be some originality there somewhere.

  10. Tama. I'll retweet this. :D

  11. i am a Filipino and k-pop fan but i think the most pathetic here is the writer....... get lost

  12. hehehe syempre di mo papayagang ipost yung mga bad comments!!!!

    para mo na ring sinabi na pathetic yung mga pinoy kasama ka na dun...

    kasi P-POP stands for Pinoy POP and instead of Pinoy ginawa mong pathetic sa tingin ko mas pathetic ka....

    kpop fans ako... but wag ka sana ganyan... Tayong mga pinoy napag iwanan na kasi maraming katulad mo na ganyan mag-isip.....

    walang masama magsulat ng sarili mong opinyon but isipin mo rin kung taga saan at kung sino ung pinatatamaan mo.....

    magpakita ka man lang sana ng kahit konting suporta sa mga kababayan mo...

  13. disAgree.. bilang pinoy isa.alang alang mo naman sana ang pangalang PINOY.. sa totoo lang tama siya na talagang napa.iwanan na tayo.. ayon yan sa mga una kong nabasang comments...

    well, think about this girl, iba iba tayo kung mag isip.. at kung kontra ka sa pag gawa nila ng what you call "pathetic" pop.. well wala na kami dun but sana kahit konti manlang ay.. magbigay ka ng support sa kapwa mo pinoy..

    i love OPM but i love KPOP most.. at kahit ganun nagbibigay parin ako ng support sa OPM and PPOP dito sa Pinas..at sana ikaw din..^^

  14. I would like to put a stop to these comments that really, REALLY insult me. I appreciate all the constructive comments and the people with contradicting views who still had the decency to respect my opinion and maturely reason out their own opinions, but to the commenters, and comments, who disrespected me - pwede ba.

    Wala akong ginagawa sa inyo - wala akong sinabing basahin nyo 'to, at wala akong sinabing ganito dapat ang pag-iisip ninyo. Galing sa utak KO and isip KO ang mga sinabi ko, hindi galing sa isip nyo, o ng ibang tao. Alam nyo yung feeling na binabastos? Parang hindi eh - kasi nababastos talaga ako sa inyo.

    HINDI SUKAT NG PAGKAMAKABAYAN KO ANG PAG-SUPORTA KO SA P-POP, PWEDE BA. Sinasabi nyo na "mahalin natin ang bayan" and all that crap, pero iba-iba ang pagpapakita natin ng pagmamahal. BINABASTOS NYO AKO - WALA AKONG SINABING HINDI KO MAHAL ANG PILIPINAS.

    My blood may be half Chinese, I was born here, I was raised here, all my dreams began and are being nurtured here - HOW CAN I NOT LOVE THE COUNTRY THAT LET ME DO ALL OF THOSE. Tao rin ako, and if someone, or in this case something, does that to me, it's human nature to be indebted to it, and to love it.

    The Philippines has a lot of flaws, yes, but me pointing one of them out doesn't make me any less of a Filipino - I hope you understand that.

  15. The writer is clearly blinded by her immaturity. I was searching for facts about Ppop critiquing but this blog is just too much. Please get a life dear writer. If I were to embody the Philippines, I'd disown you. Through your biased, unsupported, and fallacious arguments, you have clearly shown that your childish behavior is enough for readers to conclude that you.....are an ASSHOLE.

    I bet YOUR ass that you're gonna delete this comment after reading it.

  16. YOU GUYS SOUND SO IMMATURE TO BLAME KPOP FOR THIS, k note im not a kpop fan but i hate p-pop its just so baduy and all. I KNOW, THEY COPY KPOP. THATS THE REALITY. dont deny it, my friends hate kpop and ppop too, BUT THEY NOTICED THAT P-POP IS TRYING TO COPY KPOP. when did p-pop started? IT WAS THE RISE OF KPOP HERE. i dont like both genre but if i had to pick one, then it would be kpop. LOL. i'd rather listen to a song which i dont really understand than listening to kpop. deal it with it bitches.

  17. Seriously? Yeah I mean P-pop does seem like a rip of from k-pop... some off them do anyway because there's plenty of good ones out there that i like (they're not the cutesy bands though) K-pop was totally accused for copying j-pop when it first arrived and to be honest I totally thought so too but look where they are now. There up to par with j-pop, though i like jpop better... Anyway I'll give P pop a few years. It's a new thing so give them a chance to find their originallity. Seriously guys don't be such self haters. By the way p pop is already popular in southasia and a bit in N. America

  18. we already have OPM, if they ripped it off or made a pinoy version, it should have been incorporated to OPM, bottomline is PPOp should've never been started. we already have OPM.

  19. Sa mga sinabi ng nagsulat, opinyon niya yun. Ngunit di nangunguhulugan na ayaw niya sa pinas. Sanga lang yun ng kabuuan ng bansa, ang "P-POP".

    At sa mga banyagang musikero, may kasabihan nga na "dont hate, appreciate" ngunit, huwag tayong makakalimot sa sariling atin.

    Masyado lang yata tayong naging DEFENSIVE dahil tayo parati ang napag-uusapan sa labas.

    Kung tayo ay may Pinoy Pride, simulan dito sa sarili nating lupa.

    Pahumanhin kung napalayo ang hirit ko. hehe!!! matututo na lang tayo at magisip-isip muna. :D OTEY! Paalam!!!! ARYA!!!!!

  20. Hi there!

    I'm admin#4 of the anti-xlr8 page. Obviously, I like this blogpost of yours and I share the same sentiment with yours.

    I would just like to add, do you guys support our music JUST BECAUSE we are obliged to? A Pinoy supports fellow Pinoy because they are both Pinoys? Don't you support our music because it's good, but rather because it's made by a Pinoy? Are you a communist? LOL! I think, you should support OPM because you find it good.

    I really cannot see the reason how the author became biased. One thing for sure is, she's not. She likes OPM and Kpop. Now, wouldn't be a contradicting if one Ppop fan made a blogpost like this so that we can call his/her post "FAIR"? And how can she be called immature? Isn't replying here using an "anonymous" credential then leaving a very SUPPORTIVE *sarcasm* comment very mature?

    Back to the writer, I have a tip for you, I've been in countless situations far than this and the most effective way to deal with them is to show them some love. :)))

  21. Are you serious? Nagagalit ka sa mga nagreact sa blog mo? Immature much?

    First of all, you took away the respect I would have had for you nung sinabi mong you don't like OPM. wtf. It's so diverse and yet wala kang nagustuhan at all?! seriously? MYMP? Gary V? Parokya? or old OPM man lang? Kung sa sobrang diverse ng musika natin di mo pa rin nagustuhan, baka tama sila.. yung sense of nationalism mo ang may problema dahil nalulunod ka sa cultural imperialism ng ibang bansa!

    Tapos ano pa sabi mo? Gusto mo ang KPOP at OKAY LANG na rip-off yung KPOP but not PPOP. So trash yung PPOP dahil ni rip-off nila yung unang nang rip-off. woooow. hands down speechless ako sa sobrang talino ng sinabi mo (sarcasm btw). I grew up burgis so we probably have the same taste for consumerized international stuff like KPOP. Kasi pinalaki kang ganun. FINE. I like 2pm too, and i respect that..

    PERO. That doesn't mean na panget kagad ang PPOP o na binabasura niya yung industriya. It caters to an entirely different market WHICH BY THE WAY, is selling very well. That is (no insult intended) for the masa. The majority of the Filipinos who grew up exposed to ENTIRELY FILIPINO-CULTURE things (whether hybrid man ang pinoy culture or not). That means, they appreciate things like PPOP, pinoy action movies, Vic Sotto, Willie Revilame, etc.

    I'm pretty sure those are things you don't really have a taste for. TAMA BA? Your opinion doesn't make you RIGHT. AT. ALL. so when you open up a point of view, be mature enough to accept the point of view of others. Or else write i your diary you silly girl.

  22. my japanese cousins are so into xlr8 and rpm especially the song para sayo. My point is, its actually nice to see and hear them trying to sing the ppop songs even though they dont know how to pronounce every words of it. Iam so amazed how they like it so much. I did tell you this because somebody just appreciate ppop. im not telling you to like ppop but nag pintig yung tenga ko sa 'pathetic' na word mo ! i agree to halaya baka hindi ka isa sa mga 'masa'i respect your opinion i just gave mine. one tip learn how to appreciate if they can, why not you. :))

  23. in my opinion, i think this is a fresh start for phil. music industry to enter pop genre, since we've grown so much accustomed into listening opm's mostly thru ballads/songs w belting out/and also rock songs., resistance is common especially if something is new, i like 2ne1, but i don't really concentrate on a genre pretty much as I only like music that I can jive w/,my music list is pretty much diverse and worldwide but rhythm/melody selective,. thing is that give it a breathe it's just starting up, it's like Phil's has yet to transition to that era of music genre as the world is what currently as it is right now,going with the flow and delivering to the great crowd their current great interests,.also music is business,advertising and product showcase,if it hits then money comes in,.there's alot more talented out there and it would be beneficial if they do start now & get their butt kickin to produce their own unique music if they want to help the industry,(or even be your own boss, form a group,and make your own music industry if one dun like the current ones on top ^^) and i dont actually care if they're half-half, pure or not, ethnicity as long as they're true blue filipinos at heart i believe that's what matters most, that's what makes us filipino,i even laugh at times at our country's own mistakes and say 'ah~well that's a filipino and i know it!' it's funny yet true,. it is a good way to looking at it at a general point of view, the worldwide music is changing/shifting to a new era,.back then the world used to have the legendary rock era, the boy-band era, balladeers era, music in 80's,90's,and w/ 20th century music is more of a shift from pop to electropop to industrial, even dubstep and etc. you name it, there's lots,. and now Phil's is yet to discover the scene, well our beloved country is still a baby so let it grow :)

    Im writing from texas and I miss Phil's,~

  24. Jesus a rant about nothing. Isn't the poverty over there enough to worry about?

    In terms of copying and this need to be original--this has nothing to do with how p-pop currently is, its the mentality of many filipinos that foreign is always better. Seriously everyone of you give yourself a slap.

  25. Well, I don't think that P-Pop is too bad, solely because it's not like the people who make it don't have talent. Sure, it's a lot like K-Pop and J-Pop, but, in case you haven't noticed, all of Asia is doing that type of thing now. There's EXO-M, who speak Mandarin, and there's 365, who speak Vietnamese. I just think that you should let Asia do what it wants to do. I'm also a proud Pinay K-Pop fan, but I like what they're trying to do here. The Philippines is an overlooked country and it needs more love.

  26. I am a CHINESE but I was born here in PH.
    I do admire you for frankly writing this article but honestly I hate how you talk to YOUR OWN COUNTRYMEN.
    I must agree on Meeyamia "Filipinos ARE talented, AND intelligent, all we need is to channel them in the right way."
    I see Filipinos as THE MOST gifted but since singing and music runs through their veins, to most Filipinos, hearing a kid singing with the perfect pitch is just natural to everyone i think.
    Ppop is not bad as what you see it. Maybe only if people give it a chance. who knows? that might work on Ph. music industry in the next years.
    I'm into Kpop, still I listen to Ppop too, I ADMIRE and APPRECIATE them both.

  27. Man are you right on the money or what? 2012 PPOP (Pok-Pok Other People's [meaning prostituting yourself for other people's music]) its the same monkey see monkey do crap with the same self-stylized old people and I don't mean old by age but by THINKING, people controlling the strings. The top winning song reminded me of another brown Filipino trying to be black with the starting note ala Boys To Men. Title taken from the Police's Every Breath You Take (Every Step)? This country will never lift itself out of the quagmire it has created in the music business if its all about borrowed styles, that are so blatantly borrowed, that they don't know how to transcend their influences. Admittedly most everything has been done before but at least TRANSCEND YOUR INFLUENCES why don't you, just don't stand their aping what you borrowed.

    Years from now all these PPOP choices will be more evident as time passes as to who they were copying. The longer we wait to wean ourselves from Pablum and a kindergarten mentality, the longer we will be victims of arrested development. We will never be in touch with the real Filipino, only the corrupted by borrowed values type who think they own the world because of their wherewithal. And when will the average Filipino be catered to in this music industry, why is it always the "sosi" class who by virtue of their ignorance get themselves stuck in the gaya-gaya mold perennially? Popular American music was started by people from humble beginnings. In the Philippines we think music is a luxury item to be added to the list of social climbing possessions by people of means. What a pompous mentality that is. We noticed that the winners were industry based, those already entrenched in the industry. What's up with that? Anyway as long as narrow minded people are pulling the strings in the Philippine music industry, the minds and psyches of the people will be damaged and the music industry will be stillborn, never to get anywhere other than this delusional concept that as long as you get companies to promote the song and the artists, that it is a measure of success. It is a manufactured success only, however plastic and dead. Its all on paper not in the hearts and minds of the Filipino people which covers more than the top money makers in the country. Had ye brains ye would be dangerous but since your industry is run by cretins, with a share in the pot, then you are a sad and sorry lot.

    But you know what, this may also be a symptom of the Agenda 21 crappola coming down the pike that some Filipinos (many nation leaders in fact) swallow hook line and sinker. Agenda 21 is the top 1% of the planet's wealthy who are trying to control the planet, the direction and mindsets of the people and have taken over the world's music industry as well only allowing certain artists to succeed that carry the message and zeitgeist of Agenda 21 which is another editorial piece in itself but basically its to confuse people into knowing who or what they are so they can be manipulated for dubious ends. Perhaps the Philippine music industry is left in stillborn mode so they won't be a threat to the Agenda 21 thrust. As I said this is another treatise.

    Wake up Filipinos, the people controlling everything and the local music industry as well, are not the sharpest tools in the shed, more like just the oiliest.

  28. On May 18, 2012 4:57 PM Anonymous said...
    ">>Jesus a rant about nothing. Isn't the poverty over there enough to worry about?

    In terms of copying and this need to be original--this has nothing to do with how p-pop currently is, its the mentality of many filipinos that foreign is always better. Seriously everyone of you give yourself a slap.>>"

    No, poverty's main thrust is the 1% of the world's wealthiest, to keep nations impoverished so they can be controlled. The IMF is the champion for that cause, making loans that can't be paid back so that generations of Filipinos will be owing a debt their great grandparents made, with the IMF helping themselves to natural resources and control over the population. Same for the UN, UNESCO, WHO, all globalist agendas run by selfish people who themselves are involved in shady dealings with ulterior motives to offering "help!" The government was bought up by globalists to dictate to these so called "leaders" what to fix and what to LEAVE broken.

    The people that control such entities such as PPOP have this colonial mentality that by default "speaks for" the entire Filipino race. Sad but true!!! These self-elected trapo-music- politicians are the same people who keep Filipinos stupid and ignorant. They help create an industry that promotes non-originality, keeping generations of musicians herded to follow the same yellow brick road to nowhere. If you've heard one Keith Thomas/David Foster arrangement, you've heard them all regurgitating in Filipino music, complete with bell- tone electric piano ad naseum.

    These "music industry leaders" need lobotomies. They are a cancer on the Filipino music industry and the psyche of the Filipino culture. Like trapo-politicians, they lobby and support only that which ensures their continued participation in the music industry. They don't care about finding "new talent!" They are interested in keeping their own smelly asses on the money line and don't care if the industry rots on the vine in the long run. They should be slapped, and you "anonymous" need a wake up call as to the real goings on in the Philippines.

  29. If real music, lyrics, artist-angst, swelling up from the grassroots, not the gated-community ilk, were allowed to surface, then some of the poverty among other issues could be addressed as the controlling assholes running the planet are the ones who are dumbing people down so that we can't unstick ourselves from the mud of poverty and other ailments of society.

    The choices for music and content this PPOP 2012 are again, ersatz, airhead, meaningless, me-too fluffs of fodder, portraying an ignorant view of the world and maiming the average listener who would be able to mold their lives on a truth, instead of being made to swallow lies and non sequitur soaked in meritless mush. Love songs? While people are wooing and spooning, these same assholes are digging our graves for us and allowing the all seeing eye to get away with literal murder. What a bunch of effing idiots these music leaders are, not a brain amongst the lot of them, all (at least the ones who have final say) stiff brained, narrow minded fools, thinking they know what's best among the scheme of things. They don't even have knowledge of a scheme, if only to assure their paychecks coming in, peddling their old mentalities to the grave meanwhile keeping the Filipino music industry retarded for generations. In short a musical dictatorship always chopped, chiseled and repackaged by the same short- sighted people. There is no free thinking space allowed, its all one-sided.

    Until there is a change in the mindset of these leaders, then the music industry here will always suck big time. There is no industry to speak of, local artists are not gigging anymore as the entire industry is all about foreign artists doing concerts. Great to have that, great world artists playing Manila but not at the ultimate exclusion of anything local. Its got to the point that a local artist has to keep rescheduling their planned concerts so it doesn't coincide with the carpet bagger gigs. What a bunch of effing monkeys that GMA PPOP telecast was..much ado about nothing..

  30. On
    March 16, 2011 1:49 PM Anonymous said...
    "The writer is clearly blinded by her immaturity. I was searching for facts about Ppop critiquing but this blog is just too much. Please get a life dear writer. If I were to embody the Philippines, I'd disown you. Through your biased, unsupported, and fallacious arguments, you have clearly shown that your childish behavior is enough for readers to conclude that you.....are an ASSHOLE.

    I bet YOUR ass that you're gonna delete this comment after reading it."

    Notice how the above poster resorts to ad hominems, attacking the poster not what was posted even resorting to strawman ad hominems, trying to discredit the poster to look wrong so the attacking poster can appear right? Now who is immature and childish? Is it not you "anonymous March 16 2011 1:49 PM?" You are not even smart enough to realize how you came across. There are many people like you "in control" of many things in high places. Doesn't mean because you occupy a high seat in some institution that you are automatically construed as correct. You are dumber than you sound. How about them apples?

    If you can't see the crap for what it is, then just because you tried to research critiques and found only this blog does not make your assumptions correct either. At least the OP started the blog in earnest, by my reckoning he/she has his/her head screwed on CORRECTLY as regards this matter and has enough first hand experience. Even without being a record producer family, what was blogged sounds on target!

    If you dumb down the masses and then continue to dumb them down, then you will be stuck catering to dumb listeners and buyers as you've already crippled their minds. You prop up an inferior product then your market becomes inferior as well. You reap what you sow, dba? Everything goes around in circles.

    The Philippine music industry has never been allowed to find its own level, it was censored and bound by some very myopic people who dictated what Filipino music is and shouldn't be and on the whole, they know nothing about ART but more about GIMMICKRY (m-i-c-k-e-y-m-o-u-s-e)!!!
    When you have a "successful artist" as having his/her fingers in many a controlling pie, you can bet who gets a taste of that pie. This is not about discovering Filipino music, its all about who holds the reins of the steering committee so the industry can be made in THEIR image, nepotism notwithstanding. Exactly what happens in politics. You have over-staying career politicians, and then you have in the Philippines over-staying music-pontiffs. Next we shall see statues of these REAL assholes on national highways.

  31. yeah sad to say,filipinos nowadays have no originality,full of imitations only imitations.can't they think of something new?something original?
    duh?that's why kpop is the best because they're original!
    i agree to the blogger...

  32. I want to thank the writer for writing her opinions freely about this so called "P-pop". I am also a Filipino with a Chinese descent. I am a K-pop fan and since I am also a Filipino, I am trying to research about this "P-pop" thing. First of all, I also despised P-pop because they blatantly copying K-pop. Also because they can't perform good on live shows. I watched some of their live performances on T.V and I could say that some were a mess. I was closing my ears and heart to P-pop. But then I opened my ears and heart to the ASIAN music scene... NOT only KOREAN but ASIAN. I am also a fan of J-pop since I love animes. Then I began to watch Mando-pop, Thai-pop, etc... and I found them somehow the same as K-pop and besides from the VERY BEGINNING, K-pop was also a rip-off from J-POP... so it means J-POP started the ASIAN MUSIC invasion and since J-pop was huge in the ASIAN market, K-pop took the risk and tried to make their own pop based on the J-pop as an inspiration. And I could see it as the same as the other countries... so it means it's not only P-pop who are taking a risk in the music industry but other asian countries as well... so I then realised... why not give P-Pop a chance? It's just starting to bloom... now I don't have anything against P-pop... but I suggest that they should really train hard before debuting groups or singers so at least even though people would compare them to K-pop at least they know to themselves how hard they train and how long they train to be in the Pop Industry... that's all thank you! :)

  33. The musical quality of Filipino songs, especially played live, with a few exceptions, is bland, it lacks any musical tonation and depth. A 'tinny' ear-piercing sound that lacks bass, bottom end or punch. It sounds like it is always played and sung in upper sharps and to be frank it's just plain rubbish. The songs place far too much focus on melodies at the expense of rhythm. They exude the same old lyrics of drama and saga, ''i love you and you love me'' heard it all before.
    They used to say in the 1970's in Europe and the US that Asian, Japan-made loudspeakers audio equipment was 'tuned' for the high tinny sound preferences of the asian ears. Just terrible. Same is true to day with Filipino musical gear.


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