F.Cuz VS. ZE:A Round 3 - The Second Singles

These two bands faced-off on PRN earlier this year with their debut singles, and now they're back with follow-up singles. Are they any better? Hell yeah.

See Round 1 and Round 2, for background.

ZE:A - All Day

I previously said that one of my problems with ZE:A was the fact that they had horrible material - looks like they've fixed that with the new single.

It's very generic, sounds like something for Big Bang and 2PM (at different times), but I'd prefer generic over pathetic any day. It's got a lingering hook, some very, very sweet vocals, and I should've known - it's a Bravesound song. So that's why it's a heck of a lot better than the mistake that was Mazeltov. I like the strings and the piano throughout the song, very pretty and the dimension it gives is brilliant.

It's far from perfect or outstanding, but if the guys keep on improving, at this rate they'll be good enough for me to like by the time they release their first album.


F.Cuz - No One

My problem with F.Cuz last time was that Jiggy was too cheesy. I mean, 90% of pop is cheesy but Jiggy was just TOO MUCH. F.Cuz have fixed that as well, a bit.

No One is a little more serious, but it has the upbeat-ness that Jiggy had, and it's got an annoying hook that'll get stuck in your head. Ugh. But, it sounds like something for B2ST, as do the vocals, autotuned and all.

I don't personally like it that much because there's too much processing on the vocals and it's primarily dependent on the hook, which can be a bad thing if that's all your song has. BUUUUT, I'd take it over Jiggy any day.


Therefore, ZE:A win. Yay.


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