Ah yes, more teasers.

Yes, I know I'm supposed to be studying for my finals right now since they're tomorrow morning but I'm gonna be bothered all day if I don't get this out of my system and published. Therefore, I write.

With all these dark concepts being thrown around and copied left and right, both by boybands and girl groups, it's nice to see some of them going out of the trend. Two MV teasers from two idol groups were released today - ZE:A and After School - and they both happen to be set for a March 25 release.

I'd hardly call it a a showdown since they're not in the same genre nor are they the same type of group, but they were released the exact same day and both bands' schedules for the next few weeks look similar so what the heck.

After School - Bang!

Because of You was the single that made me stand up and notice After School and now they're back with a new member and their third single. I was curious to see/hear what they'd do after Because Of You and honestly, I'm liking it. It's a lot cheerier than what Kara and SNSD are doing but After School still look AND sound like themselves - finally a girl group that knows what growth is.

I'm curious for the whole song and although I'm not feeling the wardrobe or the image, the song's got potential. And hopefully, the new girl can sing. I hope.

ZE:A - All Day Long

Right now the trend for boybands is dark as well, with BEAST leading the pack, but ZE:A are a little more mellow than everyone else. I hated Mazeltov, I really did, but this new single+image is looking quite good, actually. The song seems a gazillion times better than the pathetic excuse for a song that was Mazeltov - it's verging on a serious ballad, which works for their vocals, thankfully. I just hope these guys have either gotten better choreography or learned how to work as a group - that's pretty much the only thing they need.

If I get addicted to this single, I'll have to go memorize another nine guys. Damn.


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