Could D-NA be the new DBSK?

Before you start dismissing me for comparing such a new boyband to GODS, at least consider my points, and know that I'm a full-fledged Cassie but I'm also a music writer - I put my biases aside when I write critical pieces.

D-NA are a new boyband under one of the smaller Korean talent companies and the name stands for Dae Guk Nam Ah (something about guys? don't know the direct translation) - pictures were first released earlier this year.

When I first heard news about D-NA, I told myself I'd wait for music to come out, so here I am a few months later, with two songs, a music video and a live performance in hand. What I noticed while listening and watching all this material is baffling, even for me.

Their debut single, Admiring Boy (동경소년), reminds me A LOT of DBSK's Hug, and I mean A LOT. It's not fast enough for a mind-boggling routine nor is it too slow for the band to just stand there. It's mid-tempo verging on ballad, let's just put it that way. The harmony thingy at the start really reminds me of Hug as well, the only difference is that it's a LITTLE more updated than the DBSK debut single. That as well, it's their debut single.

The video reminds me of a cross between Hug and that SS501 single with the band dancing on a white backdrop - if my memory serves me right, that was their debut single as well. The dancing, some of the shots (especially the ones in the house) and the white/back theme really seem close to DBSK's initial image.

DBSK's debut single Hug (2003)

D-NA's debut single 동경소년 (2010)

Talent-wise, I'd have to say they're a little lacking compared to DBSK. BUT, there are a few points there as well. Tthey're a lot better in the vocal department than a lot of other boybands out right now and second, they're new, their voices will still grow and mature. DBSK were good when they started, but they're better now - D-NA will and HAVE TO grow into better singers who'll eventually morph into musicians.

Honestly, I don't know if they're good dancers since I know nothing about dancing but the fact that they're kinda being pushed as good singers (which in Korea most often equals ballad singers, with a few exceptions) but are still made to dance reminds me A LOT of how DBSK were initially pushed. Remember, they were supposedly lead singers of various SM project groups put together to form a boyband made up of guys who can all sing? Well there you have it.

However, I'm only judging on their debut material - if they don't get better songs and grow with time, they're not gonna be the new DBSK. The thing that makes DBSK so brilliant (I would've said this even if I wasn't a fan) is the fact that they grew after Hug and they continue to morph and deliver solid material that's worth your time, none of that auto tune crap. If D-NA can do that, which I hope they do within the next few years, then this essay would've predicted it. If they don't, well it was a nice try. Hahah.


  1. Haha, I was kinda waiting for a group who would try to show themselves as the next DBSK. I have only listened to the beginning of their songs. Yeah, this reminded me the early days of DBSK... but I find that D-NA is trying a little too hard. In the end... it's quite sad that they may "litteraly" copy DBSK's EVOLUTION.So, for now, they are the young DBSK but I'm sure they will have the more mature image of the actual DBSK... (will they wait 2 years?)

  2. I also posted about this to.

  3. i believe they can better! your new mini show me this. "Stumble" is bad, but, "the one" is so good... and, you love jj´s voice, right? I think voice´s mikka similar jj´s voice... Mikka sings endless love and jj sings incomplete. The difference is 2 tons...

  4. Wtf is wrong with you. DBSK. is nothing like them. don't compare them to such an amateur group. You ruined my day.

  5. the 5 dgna boys are vocalists, they put emphasis more on their singing than on dancing, nevertheless, they dance well, especially karam & jay. with their very good looks, vocal & dancing abilities, success is highly possible if combined with the right management & marketing strategies tailored for the boys. i hope Open World finds that magic combo... good luck!


  7. I agree with your post here completely. Also, having the advantage of reading this a year after it was posted gives me hindsight.... yay. So my opinion of The Boss stems from this; they need better music to promote themselves. They have very good vocals, they are good on stage (I have never heard them to struggle with breathing or vocally at ALL during a performance), and they have the talent to go far. The problem is that they are not promoted very well. Bands like Infinite and Teen Top are well known now because they are all over Music Bank etc, but The Boss has not been. Yes, I understand they are promoting in Japan (and their single Love Power is very catchy, though not great), but is now the right time for that? Anyway, I digress. I love The Boss, and as rookie groups go, they are the best of their generation. i just hope they continue to grow. I look forward to seeing them in future. (side note: did you know that they were all in XING and that they can pull off an acappella performance quite well? Listen to them sing "Ain't No Sunshine".)

  8. @Anonymous
    who is amateur group????
    DBSK?? you know JYJ from DBSK? they won:
    1. 7th Channel V Thailand Music Video Awards - Popular Asia Artist JYJ (The Beginning)
    2. KBS Best Icon Award 2011 - Top Idol Star JYJ (In Heaven)
    3. Soulbeats Best Album For 2011 : JYJ (IN Heaven)
    4. Number 1 Best Male Kpop Group JKN Entertainment Awards 2011 - JYJ
    5. Melon Best Album for September 2011 - JYJ (In Heaven)
    6. So-Loved Award 2011 :
    - Best Male Group : JYJ
    - Best Music Video : In Heaven
    - Best Album : In Heaven

    7. Korean Update Awards 2011 :
    - Grand Prize Award : JYJ
    - Best Male Group : JYJ
    - Best Album : In Heaven
    - Song Of The Year : In Heaven
    - Dance Of The Year : Get Out

    21. 3rd Asia Jewelry Awards - World Kpop Superstar Award : Junsu
    22. So Loved Awards 2011 - Best Ost : Junsu (Scent Of A Woman)

    and etc..




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