Rain - 널 붙잡을 노래

You know, it's always when I'm not a fan anymore that all these artists put out new material. Oh well. The new Rain single is out in preparation for his comeback (it's really a comeback now), and I have a few words to say about it. whoa. lol.

He's back after the highly-hyped but kind of flop that is Ninja Assassin, and may I say, he hasn't lost his touch - the guy still knows how to make music. Which is good for all of us, since we need Rain back amidst all the not-so-talented idol groups and I badly need new, good music to amuse me.

I'll flat-out say it now - the single is very Rain. And I mean, down to the production and the unmistakeable vocals (or maybe it's just 'coz I spent this time last year listening to Rainism) there's no doubt that the guy responsible for this is Rain. It's not just because I used to be a fan and I've listened to every single song he's ever put out, it's just that the production is so him.

The start is really simple - him and a piano part. Which is rather different for him, since all his other lead singles have been 'I'm so gonna dance my feet off by the second verse' types. I actually didn't like it at first because it was just that - so un Rain. But I like the irony, and I like the simplicity - Rain isn't getting any younger, he has to show us that he's not just some pretty-faced dancing machine, that he's actually a musician. Of course, a boring ballad won't necessarily show his creativity, but it'll show his ability. If he can make something sound complete and gorgeous with minimal effort, he's gotta be the least bit good, right?

I like the string section. I like string sections, I like beautiful, sweeping string sections that give me goosebumps - probably a homage to my orchestra upbringing? The chorus is very catchy, despite the song being a ballad. I find myself humming the melody even if I'm not listening to it!

The second verse is more Rain - the backbeat, the whole thing sounds like something off Rainism with a little flare. Which is really good.

The middle 8 is gorgeous. The intensity and the emphasis he put on it with the background vocals and the syncopation (I'm not sure if that's the right term, but I think it is) was really something - I like how it's impatient and aggressive and just naturally leads you to the last chorus where everything explodes.

I don't like his adlibs - far too Changmin when he was really young-y - but you gotta hand it to the guy, he was pretty decent. The last chorus ends very quickly, which I find really good. I like how it just ends the way it is and he doesn't really put all these bells and whistles at the end. Although I do think there will be fireworks when he does this live.

Over-all, 널 붙잡을 노래 really shows how Rain has matured since we last heard him, and it shows us that the guy is good without all the theatrics and dancing.

5/5, he's back! hahah.


  1. apologies for being so behind with reading and commenting. work is insanely busy - i shall be sitting down to catch up on everything over Easter this weekend :)


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