Interview: Shontelle

After waiting and waiting and waiting, IT'S FINALLY HEREEEEEEEE! I've been talking about it for months and expecting it for weeks - my interview with SHONTELLE.

Shontelle needs no introduction, with singles like T-Shirt, Licky and now Impossible, she's constantly impressed me and millions of other people. I'll admit that next to the Sugababes, VV Brown, and Agnes Carlsson, this Shontelle interview is probably the biggest thing I've ever had for PRN. Damn.

So, without further interruption, I bring you a Pop Reviews Now exclusive interview with Shontelle.

1. First off I'm a huge fan. Hahah. As an artist, where do you draw your influences from, which artists really had an effect on how your music sounds?

My parents listened to alot of Motown (Stevie Wonder, Jackson 5, Diana Ross, Marvin Gay etc) as well as Whitney Houston, Prince, Madonna, Earth Wind & Fire and a lot of Classic Rock, so I kinda grew up on that stuff and I feel like that's my foundation. I really got into TLC, Aaliyah, Lauryn Hill, Brandy, Alicia Keys & Beyonce a bit later in life.These days I listen to and I'm influenced by pretty much ALL music and Artists.

2. To people who may not know of your music (yet) or aren't really that familiar with it, how would you describe your over-all sound and who you are as a musician?

That's always a weird question for me because artistically speaking, I hate being put into a box. But I guess "my sound" fits a Top 40 Pop/R&B format mostly with some Caribbean inflections as I'm from Barbados. I like to make music that crosses all formats.

3. Did you ever imagine being in the position you are right now - being signed to a major record label and having a top 40 single under your belt?

It's always been my dream and I always knew I could actually do it. I always looked for a way to make it happen no matter how unimaginable or how "Impossible" it seemed. I just needed the opportunity to present itself. The second it did, I jumped and spread my wings...

4. I personally think the transition from first to second album is one of the most difficult parts of anyone's career - how do you think you handled the shift?

I agree with you totally. It's easy to get in. Far from to maintain. Album 2 is like finally being inducted into the "club" It's a very interesting transition all the way down to the way you're treated by the public but also your peers. I think so far, so good. I believe based on Shontelligence, we've been able to narrow it down to what people like the most and No Gravity will showcase much more of that. The most important thing to me is that on your second album, you improve from the first. I've worked hard to do that. I believe I have...

5. Musically, what can we expect from 'No Gravity' as a whole, will it be majorly different from 'Shontelligence' or is it a continuation?

The album will be different in many ways. The overall sound is more polished. Shontelligence was intentionally a bit more gritty and introductory. "No Gravity" has a lot more dance records and radio friendly tracks. I did a lot of the writing again. I'm excited. I want this album to win Grammys!

6. I listened to 'Impossible' and I really think it's gorgeous, with the sweeping melody and the epic arrangement. What do you want to achieve with this single both chart-wise and musically?

I'd like to see Impossible cross all formats and become a worldwide #1 smash! I think it deserves to be. I's love to see the writers, producer and engineer that are responsible for Impossible win some major awards and earn some cred. It's very pure and pretty much any one in the world can relate to it. It's not Impossible for all of this to happen is it?

7. 'Licky' (the song) is very different from 'Impossible' and a lot of your older material in my opinion - what fueled you to record the song?

I've always wanted to make records like "Licky" I just think we played it safe on Shontelligence. But I've learned that playing it safe gets you nowhere and I've really changed gears this time around. I'd rather fail taking risks than be average playing it safe...

8. If you were to collaborate with any artist currently active in the music industry, who would it be, what kind of song would you record and why?

I would love to colab with Alicia Keys. I'm curious to see what see would bring out of me. She's so versatile and dynamic. I guess we'll have to wait until it happens to see what kind of song it will be ;)

9. Is branching out as an international act (as in touring the world, charting in countries aside from the US and the UK) on your agenda? Why or why not?

It's most definitely my plan to be Worldwide in every sense of the word and I've been blessed to have had a taste of it thus far. How I'm HUNGRY!

10. What do you want to be remembered for in the next 10 or 20 years?

Simply making great music to inspire, motivate and entertain the people of the world. Music is the Universal language. I want the world to understand my language and I want to speak and understand theirs. Whatever other good things my music brings my way, I welcome with open arms!

You know where to find her. If all else fails, Google her! hahah.


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