SNSD - Run Devil Run

SNSD are back and following the current girl group trend, they're donning a supposedly 'dark' image. Hmm.

A little background on the song - the 'concept'/makeover was hinted as early as the release of the Oh! music video that featured the nine girls in black outfits at the end of the video. Once the song finally surfaced earlier this week, it was brought to knowledge that Ke$ha recorded a demo a while back but the license/copyright was sold to SME Korea and the song went to SNSD.

The song is definitely a departure from their cutesy image during Oh! promotions, but before I start actually reviewing the song itself, I have something to say. As a non-biased SNSD listener (meaning I listen to SNSD material but only choose what I like), I'm sick and tired of all these 'image changes'. I don't like the fact that their pattern ever since they came out with Gee early last year is cute-not cute-cute-not cute. I don't like it because it's confusing me - who the effin' crap are SNSD as a band? What are they, cute or not cute? Yes, there should be change, but like I always say, it should be a growth rather than a complete 180.

SNSD constantly changing in gargantuan proportions only means one thing to me - they're one of the most capitalist-controlled bands I've ever seen because only someone who doesn't know anything about music can do something like that to 9 pretty decent performers.

But that aside.

The song isn't very original in my opinion - it sounds like a cross between their earlier promo single Chocolate Love (for the LG Chocolate phone) and Kara's Lupin. It's a midtempo verging on uptempo and I'd have to admit, after listening to it once, the hook was stuck in my head. It wasn't as annoying as Gee and Oh!, but I believe that it'll never match Genie in terms of production. Although the production on this single is pretty OK too, considering the oftentimes crap production all these other Kpop acts get.

In short, it's catchy in the non-annoying way. It's not that annoying mainly because their vocals weren't cute-i-fied but the treatment of their vocals is similar (NOT identical) to the treatment they got on Chocolate Love, which I hated - it's like a toned down version.

Surprisingly, the right girls get the right solos/airtime on this song - Taeyeon, Seohyun and Tiffany. The three take most of the melodic parts and they do it pretty well, thankfully. Yuri gets like a line or something, which is good, but I wish Sooyoung got a solid singing part - she would've matched the song nicely although I highly doubt if she'd be able to deliver it live. Jessica got a ton of exposure on this as well, but I find her vocals annoying. Yeah sure she matches the cute side, but I do not like their cute side.

I don't like the pseudo-rapping/talking/pseudo-singing throughout the song, but I think I'll learn to live with it the more I listen to it.

One of the reasons why I held off reviewing the song was 'coz I wanted to see if it was like Genie that took some time to sink in. (that and I literally didn't have any time whatsoever during the week) The conclusion? I don't really ADORE it, nor do I hate it, but the good thing is that after a few days of listening to this almost non-stop, I haven't gotten sick of it. Usually if I listen to a kpop single as much as I did this, I would've thrown up if I ever heard it again. That's a good sign, but I'm not that keen on the song.

One thing's for sure, it's better than Oh!. I know I gave that song a pretty high rating and responded pretty positively to it when it was new but the cuteness makes me want to hurl. Oh well.


  1. I think what would a good term for this song is "underwhelming", they still have so much potential but it's as though they don't have the means to use it

    Sigh... but I still have a hope in my heart that this change in image would mean that they are more mature and with maturity they will gain more independence in the sense that they will be able to chose what they want to do, what they want to be and what songs they want to sing, instead of following their companys' ideals

  2. To be honest, at first, I thought the song was straight out boring. There's hardly any drive in the pace of the song. It took a while for the song to finally click with me. It's not bad, but not as good as Genie. That said, I'm glad they're venturing into this style and hope they develop more maturity and sophistication. Now that they're all legal, I really can't see them going back to the cutesy stuff from before. Even Oh! was pushing it for me.

    Like Marquis, I hope they gain more independence from their company as artists, but I'm probably just fooling myself.

  3. Even though I really like SNSD, aside of vocals some song bring me energy/happines (?) xD whatever you know what I mean xD...

    First: since Gee, I saw it coming what you said on this post: "they're one of the most capitalist-controlled bands I've ever seen..."

    Second: when I saw the MV, the first thing that I thought was: Chocolate Love, with a less mysterious or sexy vintage way =P

    The song is not boring at all, but I'm with you on Genie. Personally, I keep listening to that song no matter what =D

  4. I think the song was overhyped, plain and simple. The expectations were way too high. Of course, SNSD should have been able to meet those expectations, but apparently not.

    I'm not a big fan of the music video, but the song is ok. Not great, but not a total mess.

    I am curious, though- What did you think of the track as sung by Ke$ha?

  5. was hoping they kept the genie image! they were good like tt.

    ps. hope you do a review on super junior's vocals soon. just the main few though

  6. Dissapointed that the track wasn't based off that beat from the teaser. That was hot!

    I thought the track was a little lethargic, should have swung the beat more make it a bit more lazy hehe or not make the bassline so 4/4 imo.

    I still think it's fun though.

  7. Love the title, so disappointed by the song :( It's not terrible but sometimes average is so much worse than terrible because at least with terrible you can clearly outline all that is wrong!

  8. I was disappointed with the release. Most of it was because I expected a rock song from watching the teaser. (Soshi!Rock, I can dream, can't I?) Another part is that the song just sounds so, so typical. They didn't deviate much from the Ke$ha demo version either.

    It took a few million repeats but I've learned how to enjoy it. It's growing on me, but it's still a "sometimes-song", like "Oh!" was.

    Have you listened to "Echo" yet? I know you don't like cute-SNSD, but I really love this song. It's more in the vein of "HaHaHa" and "Way to Go!" (which I love). Energetic~

    I'm just doing my best to enjoy RDR, waiting for the Story MV version (confirmed!), and counting down until the promotional period ends. Then Soshi can finally have a proper break to recharge (and do some individual activities).

    - - -
    Question: Of the April Comebacks line-up, which artist are you looking forward to the most?

  9. Marquis - Amen. But knowing how SM is, I wouldn't count on it.

    yatisyam - Yetti! lol. Agreed - 'Genie' is still hands-down my favorite song from them. The production is like WHOA.

    gaju93 - hahah. Agreed on the 'Chocolate Love' comparison. And like, we all agree that 'Genie' was the best! hahah.

    Daniella - Yup yup. The Ke$ha version? Heard it, but didn't really pay attention. Don't like her to start with so why bother, I thought. hahah.

    eunice - Me too. Ugh. I've been saying it for ages but I'm serious - I have the notes, it's just that it's gonna be really difficult to start writing 'coz there are 13 of them for crap's sake. hahah.

    random sunrize - hahah. yeah, I agree, it's a bit lazy.

    Paul - hahah. you're confusing me.

    Ann - I don't think SM would permit a rock-y-er SNSD for fear that it won't sell. And besides, I wouldn't like it too much either 'coz it's too radical a change and I'd call them confused.

    I hate 'Echo'. hahah. Aish. The story version's meh. hahah.

  10. Lol SM didn't even come up with the music so it's not their fault if it sounds like "chocolate love" which it doesn't. I love this song and everyone looks awesome! They don't have to be one label. Cute, sexy, freaky. They're everything!
    I love Genie but I hate the music video. It was horrible.


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