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If you were with me last year, you'll remember that I gave a rather negative review to Rebirth and got an army of fangirls run after me. I stand by my review and don't regret writing it - I had every right to say what I did, and I still have every right to say what I'm about to.

I've tried very hard to like an SS501 song apart from 4 Chance and maybe a spattering of Deja Vu, I really have, but so far it's been unsuccessful - there's always something about their new material that turns me off.

When I saw the teaser to this single the first thing that popped into my mind was DBSK - the set, the strings, the sound. Then I heard the entire song and that thought was just reinforced.

Love Ya sounds like a DBSK song circa Tri-Angle, which was 6 years ago, and they don't necessarily have better vocals than DBSK. I don't mind them sounding so six years ago if they did it deliberately and took the sound of that year as a whole 'coz the whole 'vintage' thing is in now but to take something your rival boyband did a gazillion years ago and pretty much turned into their signature sound and do it now that they've pretty much fallen apart is rather stupid. The song fits their vocals, yeah, but it's unoriginal - strike 3958937552 for SS501 in my books.

As a song alone and without comparison it's OK. I mean it's nothing new or ground-breaking and they didn't exactly take the old and radicalize it into the new nor did they make it better, but it sounds very SS501, if that means sounding like DBSK years ago - it's not so much the song though, it's their vocals. Whether or not I like them, DSP has gotten very distinct singers and they've got their own signature sound.

That said, their vocals sound bear-able now, but I guess I'll have to see them do this live before I reinforce that.

The string section throughout kinda pulls me in for a while, and as a string section alone I like it - it's pretty but it's not that obvious until the tail end, which is a little upsetting or whatever. It is a nice touch though, as well as the piano loop.

Everything else about the song goes through me - I find myself listening to it while I surf the web or read or something and a little later I look and I'm like "I already played this 5 times and I didn't notice?" - oh well.


I will not publish disrespectful comments. You might think I'm "weak" or something for not welcoming criticism but disrespect is not criticism - it's offensive and I don't want another fight to spark on the blog. Please, I've had enough.


  1. Hi Nikki. Thanks for this review. I also thought it sounded a bit similar to a DBSK song. So what is your rating for this song?

  2. Oh there it is :))
    Hmmmm did I miss it earlier..
    Anyway, again.. nice review ^^

  3. Comparisons are inevitable but aside from that, I feel that the boys have matured vocally and musically from these years. They have a distinct sound and style that some may appreciate or others may detest.
    I agree with your point on that "Love Ya" is nothing special really, it is an homage to the dance tracks attempted by many before the electronic/hip-hop vacuum enveloped the industry.
    But, rather than basing your analysis on a single song, I rather hope that you review the whole album to form an more accurate analysis and opinion.
    Five years into the industry, SS501 wouldn't have managed to survive under the distressing shadows of DBSK, Big Bang and for a while, 2PM without a certain distinctive style and sound that managed to solidy an ample fanbase.
    I hope you can acknowledge them for that.

  4. Thanks for the review. I agree that this song does sound like DBSK from years ago. I like the sound of the piano and violin in this song. I agree that at first listen, the string section is almost unnoticeable. I even had to close my eyes and really listen. Actually, I've listened to the Instrumental version of Love Yah as many times that I've listened to this track. I've never liked any of SS501's CDs except the last 2 and if I compare the two, this latest CD is the one I like the most. Vocally, they are not as solid as DBSK, especially when they sing live but I do think they've improved.

  5. Yes you're quite right on having the right to have your own opinion. Reading from you article about them i get the feeling that you're SM and DBSK loyal to the death fangirl. Saying that DSP doesnt have good artist just plain harsh. No wonder you had million of fangirls attaching your article.

    Let me ask you, are you pretty good in singing or dancing. Seriouls love like this was a good song but the dance was wacko... but it had rythem that you can move around with.

    You said you were raise to respect other people's thoughs and taste in music, but i dont think you were thought properly. seriously is people like you and i dont get. Eitehr you have nothing better to do or you just lack in sensing good music. or you probably one of those girls that want artist to show full up skin while singing.. Sure everyone can tell that they were off in their in their love ya comeback in music bank certain parts, but their dancing was on key. They only pratice for like a month or so. tell me would you be able to dance and sing perfectly given the short time for comeback. You said DBSK sing and dance live well on their performances, but i bet they had tons of them to pratice their dancing then harmonizing their vocices well.

    seriously you could have just say they were out of tune in certain parts but to trash them like then well i pretty sure you're gonna get trash talking from their fans.

    Someone like you will never change their opinion on something if they think it is not to their taste. One last advice!! Since you cant stand their music dont freaking listen to it!! it makes people like me get pissed off by people like you who plainly and rudely trash artist!

  6. I totally agree with you. I don't know how a group of good looking guys failed to be have charismatic songs. Aside from "love like this" and "a song calling for you" all their songs are boring and unoriginal.

  7. It's funny how people call SS501 unoriginal when every kpop group sounds the same. Too pop, boring rnb, and wannabe badass who can't really pull it off. Sure DBSK have pretty good vocals but their songs? ~eh~

    It's all about music taste. SS501's music is more intense than your typical Ne-Yo/Chris Brown/"insert other Western popstar here" copycat kpop group. For a girl who prefers rock music, SS501 is the only idol group that doesn't make me flinch (due to extreme cheesiness of pop music) when listening to their songs.

  8. Well, I'm a triple S, so everything they do is kinda Ok -.-', the song is not THE song, but KPOP nowadays isn't original and doesn't give the feeling of 'OMG what a great song' anyway.
    Actually in my opinion DBSK's songs more boring than SS501's, and I find their voices good only together (except JJ and YC) I kinda of hate Xiah's voice although I like him.
    And when you compare them, makes the review seems a little too biased, and that you actually have a niggle (can't find the right word) towards them.
    And talking about the rest of the CD Destination, The balads songs are reaaaally good ^^

  9.'s a pity that you don't like their songs... but you know what?
    Nobody cares!!!! hahaha They are greats, if you don't like them other people do, a lot!!!
    But in other hand i understand you, I couldn't like DBSK songs either, I tried hard to like but it was impossible! But nobody cares too!
    Anyway, I love them soo much

  10. I'll just say you're a sick, biased reviewer. Your reviews would be brilliant, without that part of you bringing everything down lowwww. Kpop isn't just DBSK's. The world isn't either...

  11. Since i heard Shinhwa's song from 1998, i think, this is a great song, but most people that hates song, are compare this to TVXQ, and i think there was a little similar, but not equal, if you are a Cassiopeia Fan, you did wrong let me tell you, seriously this is one hit wonder, not every year has a song like this


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