Sara Bareilles - King of Anything

Let it be "carved into stone" (LOL) that I'm trying my best to juggle reviewing Korean AND Western music. I'm trying, OK?!

I'm not sure if you all know, but I worship Sara Bareilles - Little Voice is one of the few albums I can listen to from start to finish and not get sick of a single song. I have a copy of the physical album and my money was sure as hell worth it - I still play the album ever now and then.

Sara Bareilles has the uncanny ability to make me actually pay attention to lyrics - they're edgy but blunt at the same time and I like that in a song. I like lyrics with kick, but that don't sound contrived, uncomfortable or trying-hard - they just work.

I. Am. In. Love. With. This. Song.

It's got Sara's now-signature piano treatment mixed with the stomping percussion, blunt lyrics and her gorgeous vocals. That and this song has got to be one of the cheeriest songs I've heard all year. The piano's really bright and sunny and happy, the melody's catchy and sing-along-able and the entire song just made me smile. It reminds me of that Andi song a few years back (I remember doing some promo for that) - happy and bright.

The production on this is really clean, but I LOVE the touch of the real cymbals (but I don't hear any real drums) - they sound so crisp and raw, I like. Reminds me of something you'd do in Japan - the clarity of it all, the smoothness but the attention to small details that really make the song. The transitions just pop - how the instrumental flows from one phase to the other makes me HAVE to, not just want to, tap my foot and sway along to the song. This girl's got groove/swing/whatever!

Sara's like a breath of fresh air in the sea of GaGa wannabes and Gaga who's a Madonna wannabe. She's got her own niche in the industry, making pop songs - solid pop songs you just want to sing along to, songs that make you happy listening to them.



  1. I quite like this - it's not as brilliant as I wanted it to be, but it's a nice tune and i look forward to the album :)

  2. I just have one question. Do you like Mika? He is pretty big in the British pop industry right now I believe. I really like him, but I would like to hear your ^_^

  3. Paul - Amen? hahah. I might just write a review for the album once it's out, I hope it's good.

    Diana - He's OK. I heard 'We Are Golden' and loved it, but I've yet to listen to any of his other stuff.

  4. There are real drums on it - not just cymbals. Listen for the snare rolls and the four-on-the-floor kick drum. Hi-hat on the "off" beat. The drummer's name is Victor Indrizzo. All the musicians who played on this record are incredible.

    This song is amazing. I love it too. I heard this one and some of the others at the studio when they were recording - super great as well. You'll be really happy. Unfortunately, the record will not be released until September.

  5. Sorry for the lack of comments. I love her Little Voice album too. The song "One Sweet Love" is such an awesome acoustic number. I'm not too sold on this but I'm sure it'll grow.

  6. I just noticed this, and I was curious whether you listened to Ingrid Michaelson as well - she's another singer/songwriter who is a good friend of Sara's, and they've collaborated for "Winter Song".
    I personally love them both.
    And Fiona Apple, although she's a bit older and doesn't release often.


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