Xiah Junsu - Intoxication

Please give me 5 seconds to faint and regain consciousness before I start writing.

OK I'm back. OMG Junsu's really putting up a fight for my second favorite DBSK member, eh? (he's against Yoochun) The criteria - have a damn good voice, use it damn well, can perform well and write songs relatively well. He passes everything, but Yoochun does too, so they've been fighting over the spot for like forever.

Junsu wins this round - I don't even have to watch the video and I'm already drooling. The song, best described, is like a more subdued version of Craig David if he sang in Japanese. And by Craig David I don't mean 2010 crappy cover-fest Craig David, I mean brilliant 2002 Fill Me In cool Craig David.

Of course Craig David is a completely different guy and he has a more smooth voice with his own special sound, but the song as a whole, the arrangement in particular, reminds me a lot of the epic Fill Me In. Yes, it's epic - don't try to fight it, worship it.

I don't know if it's just me because I've watched like a gazillion DBSK performances (I still haven't seen everything, believe it or not) but Junsu has a distinct voice and makes the song sonically different than if it were sung by say, Jaejoong or Yoochun. Junsu isn't the most versatile singer either but like I said on my commentary, what he does, he does it damn well. So well that I'm currently speechless. I don't get speechless. OK maybe I do but let's just stick with that.

As I'm listening to the song now (not watching the video), my heart's racing - and this is just the recording. Imagine if this had a live band arrangement. Holy crap.

This song was made for Junsu's vocals stand out, it really was. The instrumental was just looped except for the little bells and whistles throughout the song that's a staple in Japanese production but it's Junsu's voice that carries the song. It's his vocals that set the sound of the verses and explode during the chorus - not the instrumental. It's like that because he can pull it off - he, unlike other singers, has the chops to do that. And it sounds so good.

4.8/5, he has a few rough edges to smooth out and I'd have preferred the choruses to explode even a little bit, but otherwise this is brilliance.


  1. Mmmm. Yummy. :) Into-Xiah-cation. ;)

  2. LOL did you read the lyrics, tho ? O_O
    well, i'm fine with it, i mean, he's 23 and i'm on my 20s, too xDDDDD
    but it will DEFINITELY be too much for some people =|
    meh, idc, junsu is hot, the song is hot, the dancing is =Q_____


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