[#35] Andrew Choi - "그XX"

From: "K-Pop Star" Season 2
Released: March
Territory: South Korea
Previous Best of Entries: First Appearance
Other notable song(s) from 2013: "Love Was Enough", "World About U"

I didn't like Andrew Choi as a whole as much as I did acts like Akdong Musician or 2000 Won because for the most part he was pretty one-dimensional. But his cover of GD's "그XX" was one of the most memorable covers from the season. Before the Andrew Choi version I had only glossed over the original, so I didn't really have a point of comparison but now after hearing both versions I think Andrew Choi did the song justice. The two versions are very different, GD's is very him, very YG, and they both have their merits.

The thing with Andrew Choi's run on Kpop Star is that his voice is so distinct that most of his performances sound like each other. "그XX" is the most Andrew Choi-sounding of all of, and it's the one I think that gives the best picture of the kind of singer he is, the kind of material that suits him.

It's a slowed down version of the original melody, which gives more room for all these curly notes and belting and for Andrew to show off the smoothness of his voice. If the GD arrangement had character, had attitude and spunk to it, this one takes the heart-wrenching element of the song and runs with it. Here, the melody is something to savor and you really need to let it get into your system.

The instrumental is similar -- there's a lot more happening here than on the original. You have the prominent piano line, the guitar, and the bass and drum lines to drive the point home. If the GD version decided to treat the bitterness of the song with nonchalance, this arrangement went the more obvious route and made it epic and "heart-wrenching".


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