[#13] Miss A - "Hush"

From: "Hush"
Released: November
Territory: South Korea
Previous Best of Entries: 2011: [#21] "Goodbye Baby" / 2012: [#6] "No Mercy"
Other notable song(s) from 2013: "Spotlight", "Like U", "놀러와"

"Hush" was a really good album, so there was some rally stiff competition between the lead single and the other notable songs I listed above. But I think, following in the footsteps of the "Goodbye Baby"'s of the world, "Hush" best embodies the side of Miss A that like and that I think fits them like a glove.

"Hush" was the last review I wrote before the countdown started, so I still think pretty much the same as how I did back then:

In a nutshell, what makes "Hush" tick is the fact that it's intense in an unpredictable way. "Hush" is the kind of song you need to listen to, and not just read about or see the sheet music of, in order to really appreciate. "On paper," it seems like it doesn't have any kick, that it's a pretty boring song -- the bass line doesn't come in until the second verse, there's no excessive belting or vocal gymnastics throughout, and the melodic lines are pretty spaced out. But as far as "Hush" is concerned, the intensity is elsewhere. 
"Hush" works precisely because of its two parts, because it is just as much a natural progression as it is a juxtaposition between the subdued first part and chaotic second. It's a song that, in keeping with its title, is quiet in all the right places. But at the same time it knows exactly where, when, and how, to pack a punch.

I've already talked about the technical side of the song, so I'll just take off from that. After listening to "Hush" quite a lot since it first came out, it's a song that, because of the lightness to the over-all sound, is hard to get sick of. It's not in your face like a lot of other songs are, so if it's in the background and you're just half-listening to it, it won't distract you in a negative way. However once you sit down an actually listen, it won't bore you to death either.

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  1. Can we have a vocal analysis on miss A , please ? I'd be quite curious to hear something from someone who actually knows something of the topic ;)
    Thanks !!


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