[#23] Block B - "빛이 되어줘" (Be The Light)

From: "Very Good"
Released: October
Territory: South Korea
Previous Best of Entries: First Appearance
Other notable song(s) from 2013: n/a

Block B have always been one of those acts that I may not personally like, but who I have immense respect for -- I understood the buzz over them when they were rookies, I understand why people like them. So of course when they made their big comeback this year after everything that had happened, I had to hear the new song. While the rest of "Very Good" reflects how I've always thought of Block B, "Be The Light" is one of the few songs from them that I personally like.

As opposed to most of the other songs on "Very Good," "Be The Light" is more melody-centric, even if there are still rap sections. And as far as the melody goes, it's a lot less angsty and over-the-top. It's not necessarily that there's more substance on this than on their other songs, it's just that there's less style. (Not that it's generic either) There's more room for you to actually hear what kinds of voices they have, to actually see their range of abilities, something that's hard to see through everything on "Very Good" (the song).

The instrumental, though pretty elaborate on its own, is secondary to the melody. It's there, you hear it, but what really steers the song is really the melody, and Block B's execution. The strings are pretty, you have a few generic loops, and the electric guitar pops in and out, but nothing is really prominent enough to overpower the melody.

While the trade-off of all the production decisions on this song is that "Be The Light" is more generic than the rest of their material I think this is a song they need on their repertoire, for the simple reason that it shows them off as a band.

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