[#49] Two X - "Only U"

From: "Ring Ma Bell"
Released: February
Territory: South Korea
Previous Best of Entries: First Appearance
Other notable song(s) from 2013: "Hip Up"

Two X have always been pretty under the radar -- they made a quiet debut last year, and made an equally quiet comeback this year. Their lead singles aren't anything to rave about, especially this year's "Ring Ma Bell," but I found this gem of a song from them by chance.

"Only U" is catchy in all the right places, it doesn't pile on the cheap synth lines or chanting disguised as a hook. Like SPEED's "Luv Ya" it's another singable melody, the chorus in particular with the "oh oh oh oh"'s -- it sounds like it came straight out of a scene from a chick flick where the bffs are singing along to it together. In fact, the rest of the song sounds like the background for an opening sequence of a chick flick. It has style, it has an air of grace to it, but it's got spunk around the edges.

It's an easy listen, with the right amount of pretty courtesy of the sweeping verses and layered vocals at the bridge, contrasted by the gutsy vocals delivering the spunky melody of the chorus. The drum kit gives it that vital last kick -- it's electronic, yes, but it straddles between purely electronic beats and real drums, so it comes out with just as much substance as it does style.


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