[#32] 2000 Won - "Elevator"

From: "Kpop Star" Season 2
Released: March
Territory: South Korea
Previous Best of Entries: First Appearance
Other notable song(s) from 2013: "Alone", "I Have A Girlfriend"

My bets for Kpop Star's Top 2 were Akdong Musician and 2000 Won, so I was really disappointed when 2000 won got eliminated. They were one of the most creative in the season, they had the talent to back up that creativity. Case in point, their cover of JYP's "Elevator." While they're probably more known for their covers of 2NE1's "Lonely" or SISTAR's "Alone," (which was a really good cover too), it was "Elevator" that really convinced me that they're more than just an act that covers.

I didn't really like the JYP version, mainly because in standard JYP style, it was whiny. And so the simple fact that the 2000 won version wasn't whiny drew me. What kept me interested was the fact that their arrangement was able to bring out the gorgeous melody, and the song's moments, while moving away from the JYP sound. The instrumentation was smart, and how the hook was carried by the trumpet, and the drum line was the perfect balance between a foundation and wandering cymbals.

And of course, the performance was the other half that sold me. 2000 won are really a performance-centric group, but they are in the sense that they're able to bring the fun, and the life they have on stage, to the recordings. Which is how it's really supposed to be, to be honest. The mischief in the rap parts, the effortless conviction to the melody -- that's all because of the performance.


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