[May 28, 2010] KBS Music Bank Highlights + Commentary

If you're annoyed that I haven't been writing lately, I'm pissed off at myself for not having the time. My review classes are almost done, but senior year starts on June 8 - I pretty much treated the start of my review as the end of my summer. Oh well.
Rather quiet today on MuBank. Gummy was on but I didn't include her 'coz I can't find a video. :( Whatever. Over-all the performances were surprisingly good - I think it's 'coz pretty much all of them are comfortable with the stage now. Credit for all videos goes to the brilliant UnknownCarrot110 - let us all bow down and worship. Hahah!

CN Blue - Love
CN Blue have now earned my respect because of the live drums - I'm like, "YESSS!!!". The lead singer was apparently hospitalized earlier this week so that explains his rather weak vocals. But if you compare his vocals to a run-of-the-mill idol group, he wins by a long shot. For CN Blue standards today's performance was a bit bleh but for over-all, it was OK.

Secret - Magic
What surprises me is that unlike Rain and Hyori, who started promoting their singles at around the same time, I'm still not sick of Magic. I've listened to it a lot and it's not really that fresh to my ears, but when it comes up on shuffle or something I don't skip it. Their performances have been rather consistent these past few weeks and their vocals have been at the same level, but they've gotten so much better than they were when they debuted so I gotta hand it to them.

f(x) - NU ABO
So Luna screwed up the lyrics today towards the middle of the performance but it's not such a bit deal for me - one of the things I hate the most about singing is memorizing lyrics of choruses 'coz they change them every so often in the song and you end up with 2 or 3 different lyrics for the same melody. Ugh. But because they're SM I wouldn't be surprised if Luna gets a scolding later. Oh well. The performance was very comfortable. Vocals were standard f(x), and Luna's middle 8 gave me goosebumps for the first time since they started performing the song. Rather good - FINALLY.

4Minute - HUH
I used to think that Hyun A was being pushed as the "star" of 4Minute just because she was an ex-Wonder Girl and it really seemed like that last year. This year though, I noticed that she's not as overrated as some people take her to be. I mean yeah sure she carried 4Minute when they were just starting out and they came to be known as "the band with the ex-WG member" but you observe her even when she's not front and center and you see that whether she's in the back or front, she sells the song and the choreography really well - as do the other members. Their vocals today were a bit iffy at times, but the performance as a whole was rather good for a group of their "caliber".

Rain - Hip Song
OMG YES SOMEONE IN RAIN'S WARDROBE TEAM OR WHATEVER FINALLY HEARD MY PRAYERS - decent outfits today! But whyyyyy does it have to be decent when he's actually ending promo? ughhh. Rain just stands there and everyone goes wild - THAT is a true performer. You don't even have to do anything, just standing on a stage should make the audience freak out over you. I mean Rain has the repertoire and the talent, but that's not what kept him around for so long - it was his ability to perform that did, and will for as long as he wants to.

The Wonder Girls - 2 Different Tears
(UGH. Please don't tell me I have to learn their names now.) The girl doing the very beginning is brilliant, the girl doing the bridges was miming, the girl rapping is kinda bleh and the other girl is OK but that girl doing the verses is starting to properly annoy me - I might hate her by the end of this week's music shows. UGH. Today's performance was very tight, and that's why they're one of Korea's top girl groups - they know how to command an audience already freaking out over them. Not as good as Rain, but pretty good.

Super Junior - Bonamana(WINNER)
Well that's more like it SuJu - it only took you what, 2 weeks and 6 performances to get this song right? Oh well, at least they got it right - I shouldn't be complaining. Significantly less shaky parts and much, much stronger vocals from Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Siwon (FINALLY) and Heechul (of all people) - I'm proud. LOL. The entire performance was right as hell - I'd give them another week and I might just get goosebumps. They deserved #1 today, hands-down.

I wanna squeeze in some reviews this weekend, but I might be busy since I'm moving rooms and my house is being remodeled so they'll come when they come. Recaps for MBC Music Core and SBS Inkigayo will come as scheduled.

Now, how's everyone been? Thanks for all the comments over the past few weeks and I'm sorry I haven't been able to reply to anyone - real life is a pain.


  1. Thanks for the review! I have been refreshing and refreshing the page (I'm not a stalker, dont worry :D)

    Anyway, I really like Magic and Huh now. The more I hear it live, the more I love it. Both songs have been on replay for a million times but heck I still love it. The choreo for Huh is quite strong and 4 minute can do it reall well and energetically. I'm really impressed with the lead singer of Secret (I think the one that sings first). She seems really consistent and powerful but at the end when she adlibs, she sounds kinda out of breath to me.
    Starting to not like NU ABO but I like to watch f(x)'s live. Luna was AWESOME as usual :D

    ABSOLUTELY LOVED SUJU's PERF!!! Nothing seemed to go wrong and it was very energetic. Th dance, the singing and the energy :D Over the moon that they won. Hoping for a Triple Win on Music Bank!!!

  2. You know what, the first time I saw Rain's performance today, I thought of you. I was imagining some capital letters saying things like, Rain's finally getting his wardrobe right!
    I think one of the reason why the performances today were relatively better than other days was that most artists finally used hand mic, and so we could finally hear their live singing.
    BTW, I thought Sulli was the one messing up the lyrics?

    P.S. Did you watch Junsu on Music Station?

  3. You don't have to learn their names, just get people to update via comment. :P
    beginning: Ye Eun
    miming: probably Sohee
    rapping: Yubin
    other: probably Sun Ye
    verses: Hye Lim


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