Super Junior - Bonamana/미인아

It's election day today in the Philippines and though I'm too young to vote, I honestly want everything to go fairly and smoothly - I'll accept whoever the winner is, so long as it was in a fair and honest manner. But enough of that, on to the review!

Last year was fantastic for the band, and I thought Bonamana would continue their epic-ness. I thought this would be good, I really did, since they're Super Junior and all. It's not - not even close I'm afraid. Oh well, things could be worse.

Sorry Sorry was one heck of a pop song - it pretty much set the trend for kpop last year and it had the longevity, so to say, to be near-legendary. I mean, it's in every possible "idiot's guide to kpop" - if they even exist outside of this blog. (which I think they do, I just haven't seen them)

Sorry Sorry was catchy, it wasn't necessarily creative but it was relatively new and it actually had an actual melody - you could actually sing along to it no matter how auto-tuned like crap it was. That is a good pop song.

I listened to Sorry Sorry right after I heard this new song, then I listened to the new one again - I can't help but think they're going all Kelly Clarkson on this. To refresh your minds, early last year I said that All I Ever Wanted was Kelly's desperate attempt to relive the glory of Breakaway and by desperate I meant bad, pathetic, unoriginal, the list goes on. But you see, Breakaway is legendary - Since U Been Gone and all the other singles have become some of the most influential songs of the 2000's, they're a part of modern music history.

Sorry Sorry was kinda like that - the amount of records SuJu sold not only in Korea but overseas, the awards they won and the popularity they gained in a snap of a finger just with that one single was overwhelming. They went from being DBSK rejects to one of Asia's biggest boybands (literally and figuratively!) - the song is immortal in kpop. Now that they're back, I can't help but think they want to do that again but you see, they can't. At least not with this kind of song.

미인아/Bonamana has all the qualities that made Sorry Sorry so popular - an annoying but not that annoying hook, an actual melody, an addictive and memorable instrumental loop and auto-tune. It's so similar that the feel of the verses and the hook just make me want to burst out into song and dance singing Sorry Sorry. It's not as big a copycat as SuJu-M's Super Girl, even if I found that song brilliant, but it's copied or adapted enough for me to notice it within 10 seconds of hearing the song.

The percussion sounds like it's something straight out of Cuba or an African country - it's like a cheap version of the real thing. Coupled with the auto-tune it becomes this novelty song-ish whatever, reminds me a bit of last year's SM Town summer track with Sorry Sorry injected, Seaside was it? Yup. The production's standard SM, which only means it's good, so that's one thing to pay attention to. I can't stop listening to it either. I try, really hard, but I just end up looping it and looping it and looping it. We'll see how long the song can hold up without me getting sick of it.

I won't deny that it's catchy, I find myself subconsciously tapping my feet to it and for reason alone I think it'll be a hit plus the fact that I like part of the melody, but when you think about it we've all heard this before from SuJu. I appreciate that they're sticking with the melodic songs, I really do, and I think other bands *ahem* f(x) *ahem* should look up to them in that aspect, but could we please have something more original next time? I don't want to hear a song that's a desperate attempt to recreate something I heard too much last year.

What Super Junior and/or SME fail to realize is that songs with these qualities are a thing of the past now, and by past I mean last year, smaller acts and even the bigger ones have put out their share of the trend - it's done. They can't go around with Bonamana and not expect people to be like this sounds so last year because it is so last year.

2.5/5 - because it has some good qualities and it'll be a hit whether I like it or not


  1. After reading all that you and didn't embed anything? Ugh, feel so cheated. LOL, youtubing now. I kinda dig Seaside eventho it's not as awesome as It's You or Why I Like U, thanks for the heads up! :)

  2. UGH that was a disappointment. Now, I realize that my expectations were probably WAY too high in the first place, but after Sorry Sorry and Neorago, could you blame me? lol

    I hate to say it, but I actually liked f(x)'s song better, which is pretty sad. You're completely right in your review, it has all the elements of Sorry, Sorry- which makes it completely unoriginal. I do like the chorus, probably because I'm desperate to find something I actually like about the song, haha. The cheap percussion annoys me to no end.

    I did what you did and listened to Sorry Sorry right after hearing the new song, which was probably a mistake. I gave the new song another round today without listening to Sorry Sorry and it actually didn't sound that bad.

    Hopefully, the song will sound better when they perform it live, so there's less annoying auto-tune.

  3. I usually agree with your reviews, but...I find myself disagreeing for a 2nd time [the first would have been on your review of "Without You", which I love - but that's another comment].

    You seem content with taking pretty much any group that isn't DBSK to task of late, with the unmitigated gall of a sugar fuelled Anti. I think its possible to be a fan of one and still be open-minded to others.

    Sorry, Sorry wasn't that great of a song, and I agree that Bonamana is pretty much SS, pt.2, BUT its different enough to be a hit.

    [to use your Kelly Clarkson example:] If she can have a number one - in the states - with My Life Would Suck Without You [which is a clear clone of Since U Been Gone] and still receive accolades, then I think Super Junior should be cut some slack

  4. rcLoy - wahahah. I'm sorry for "cheating" you.

    Daniella - Live. Right. We'll see. : )

    Anthony - I have no problem with you disagreeing, and I do see your point - right now I do really think that I look like a biased as hell DBSK fan but trust me, I have my own problems with their music. If I were to rant about my dislike and absolute hatred for some of their songs, it would literally take me months - there ARE DBSK songs I cannot stand (if you must know, "Kiss the Baby Sky" is one of them)

    It'll be a hit, I have no doubt about that, but my reviews don't just predict whether songs will be hits or not (I believe I said it'll be a hit) - they're my honest opinion based on what I know. And besides, just because a song is a hit doesn't automatically mean it's a good song. Quality and quantity are 2 different things.

  5. haha wow you actually replied to comments!

    And yeah, I HAVE to believe that the song will be better live XP Otherwise I will have spent about a year waiting for a song that I don't really like.

  6. hahah. I used to on a regular basis, but I've been really busy these days that I just read and publish them. It's great talking to you guys though - gives me another perspective on things. :)

  7. Well now I feel bad...

    Sorry for calling you a sugar fuelled Anti; that was uncalled for.

    I too hope the song is better live or the video is hot at least. I have a feeling SJ won't disappoint...anymore than they already have

  8. HAHAHAH. Don't feel bad, it's fine - I've survived worse, A LOT worse. You had basis and I respect that. :)

    Hahah. If I were to judge on SuJu's vocal capabilities alone, I wouldn't count on it. *sigh* Reminds me of the commentary I've been promising - ugh.

  9. I hope that I don't sound...impatient? But I am looking forward to SuJu's vocal commentaries!!! Thanks :D

  10. Oh no no, it's just that SuJu has so many members! I'll get it done when I get it done.

  11. Why are there so many members?? There's really only a handful that can actually "sing sing"...are the rest just back up singers/dancers?

  12. AMEN. I personally think 70% of the band is made up of DBSK rejects - they're all around the same age and entered SM at the same time but didn't make the cut for DBSK so they were dumped into SuJu with a few talented people. *sigh*

  13. I find it funny that the best singer in SJ- Kyuhyun- wasn't even a DBSK reject :D

    But yeah, couldn't you just do a K.R.Y. commentary? Kinda like what you did with Big Bang?

  14. Hahah. Yeah. DBSK rejects + a few guys who can sing.

    No. Because the rest of the band aren't known for their rapping - SuJu is, in theory, a vocal group. Boyband members are expected to sing unless they rap, so that remains in my turf. The only reason why I only did 3 members of Big Bang is because TOP and GD are KNOWN to be rappers and that's predominantly and frequently do on the material.

  15. I think that SuJu should not use or at least lessen their use of autotune.

  16. After infusing myself with Bonamana for few days straight and watched them performing it live, I am glad to say I like the song, it's definitely no Sorry, Sorry but it's still catchy. I can't stop watching the live performance, I don't know why, I think apart from being a vocal group (god bless Kyuhyun), they are really a great bunch of performer, charismatic and entertaining, heck, 13 ppl in a group, everyone is fighting for the fans attention :D Now I'm all hyped up for the fourth album! :D

  17. I think everyone is still too hung on Sorry, Sorry... even the author. Like seriously? It's a whole new album, a whole new concept, and a whole new Super Junior. You guys asked for the mature image, and you got in once again. People are always complaining about the diverse images they always have and now that you have the mature image you all begged for them to maintain, everyone's comment is "It's too similar to sorry sorry!" They both are in the same category, its bound to sound similar. I liked the album because I too compared it at first, but then I realized, what the heck, Sorry Sorry was 2009, we're in 2010 with the 4th album, why not take it for itself and listen to the tracks as if it was their only CD. And it worked for me.

  18. I have to admit that this song grew on me after watching their live performances. However, I am still waiting for a break-out song from SM this year. Last year, they had huge hits which catapulted their bands to greater fame - Gee (SNSD), Sorry Sorry (Suju), Genie (SNSD) and Ring Ding Dong (SHINee). I am still waiting for that kpop defining song this 2010.

  19. I disagree with you on this, Bonamana is a great song actually with its upbeat tune and catchy lyrics. I loved it so much that I cannot even remember how many times I've watched the videos of bonamana.
    It's either your being too pessimistic about things or you just don't like a group of talented entertainers who have done their best to give their fans what they expect.

  20. i agree that Bonamana reminds me of Sorry Sorry.
    but truthfully, i never got into the hype that Sorry Sorry created. heck, i didn't even like Sorry Sorry.
    when i first saw heard of them in 2010, Sorry Sorry was the first song i tried out, and i was like "ew" and exited out of the browser right away.
    however, months later i tried them out again, saw Bonamana, and now i'm hooked to Super Junior.

  21. Why are u calling them dbsk rejects?? Why can't ppl just accept the fact that they are just as good as dbsk, infact they have surpassed them and prove themselves soo many times. They surely can sing, their group has variety of vocals, they are good at ballad, rock, pop, trot etc what else do u want? Suju is probably the only versatile group out there.
    I respect your opinion but calling them rejects is a bit too much, just because u don't like them doesn't mean they can't sing.

    P.s: I am sorry if I sounded rude.


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