Someone shoot me.

I know, I know, I'm sorry for another DBSK post that consists of me drooling and rambling but you realize that I am freaking out at this very moment, and this isn't even about my beloved Jaejoong! OH MY GOSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

So Junsu has a new solo single out in a few weeks, the video's out tomorrow and the teaser was just released - he's the only one of the 5 doing music-related solo stuff at the moment and I think I wanna die right now. Like, my heart's racing, I started shivering after a few listens and OMG THIS IS BRILLIANCE.

The chord progressions, the Craig David-ish elements and those vocals - I think Junsu might just be my second favorite member. *diess* That and the video looks really sleek and clean - I like sleek, sleek's good.


  1. definitely lives up to what it is...a teaser. cannot wait for tomorrow as well.

    it always boggles me how junsu has two completely different personality when he's on and off stage so to speak. when he's not singing he's just so squishable but when he turns on that singer mode, omfg he is on fire. i love how he has this fluidity when he dances and true, he doesn't have the versatility that jaejoong does when it comes to singing but he's in a league all his own as well.

    oh yeah, was totally expecting a fast beat like xiahtic tbh and is quite pleasantly surprised that it's a lot slower. ugh, definitely lurking on the nets tomorrow for this, hiatus or no hiatus. :P


  2. *sniff* I want all five of them!!!!

    Oh well, this song is gonna be HOT. Haha really looking forward to it, but I can't tell how you get a Craig David vibe from his vocals...idk, you probably listen to him more. XP

  3. purplelykthat! *hugs* I missed youuuuuuuu. lol. It's a switch, there's no other way. hahah.

    Daniella - ME TOO! hahah. I got it from the instrumental backing. And the melody. :)


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