[May 29, 2010] MBC Music Core Highlights + Commentary

I would very much like to fly to Korea right now and shoot the sound engineer today. Who's with me? We'll book a flight and rush to MBC the minute we land. HAHAH. The consensus today? Almost everyone sounds crap compared to yesterday.

A lot more performances compared to yesterday though, so yayyyy.

Credit for all the videos goes to the always brilliant CrazyCarrot220.

CN Blue - Love
The lead singer guy lost the texture in his voice when he got hospitalized. Even if I don't like CN Blue that much (yet? we'll see.) I kinda feel bad for the guy - he had a nice voice. I forgot what he was diagnosed with (nodules or what?) but hopefully he gets his voice back soon.

UGH. Everyone in this band is still too pre-occupied with looking good during their "big close-up" to care about singing. I mean yeah they're synchronized 'coz Rain must've slave-driven them to oblivion to make them "perfect" or whatever but everything about this performance was so stiff and lifeless - there was no passion, no feeling in their movements and vocals. I mean I admit that I know nothing about dance but I notice if it's really robotic when it shouldn't be. They had no feeling and their vocals were still crap. Sorry MBLAQ, strike 2.

Secret - Magic
Now why can't SME give us a girl group like Secret? You know, ones with more than one or two girls who can actually sing. UGH. And if I remember correctly, someone messed with Secret's sound a few weeks back - it happened again today, halfway into the performance. Either the sound engineer sucks or someone has a grudge against Secret. LOL. Apart from that it was a strong performance though, yay.

f(x) - NU ABO
f(x) were average today, but average is better than crap so they should take that as a compliment. Luna's middle 8 was rather bleh today too. Sorry Luna, no goosebumps this time. WHAT is Amber wearing? Polka dot pants? UGH SM.

4Minute - HUH
Even if they didn't sound as good as they did yesterday, the performance as a whole was pretty good. Their vocals were decent - not good or anything but I'm not throwing up in agony. Hmmm.

After School - Bang!
If it's true that everyone sounds crap today mainly because of the hands-free mics, then why did Secret and now After School sound relatively decent today? I mean they weren't at their best and that high note was really sloppy as hell but they didn't sound like crap. The hands-free mics were a major factor, but its "intensity" or whatever was lessened when I heard AS today.

The Wonder Girls - 2 Different Tears
OK the girl doing the verses has gotten on my last nerve - she now annoys the HECK out of me. UGH. The rest of the performance was OK except that the girl doing the bridges was a bit shaky and the adlibs towards the end were sloppy, but everything else was fine. Still not the BIGGEST fan.

Super Junior - Bonamana
And we're back to normal SuJu with weak vocals. Siwon was good today considering that their mics were crap but everyone else sounded pathetic, I'm sorry to say. It's not their faults though, IT'S THAT STUPID SOUND ENGINEER'S. I mean, just when SuJu were getting pretty decent vocals, the engineer just HAD to go in and make them sound like crap. FANTASTIC. I like the fact that they didn't cut the second verse though - yayyyyy.

Rain - Love Song Hip Song
Love Song was pretty good today, and the dance thing between the songs was nice and new and fresh and whatnot. I hate this - the week that Rain FINALLY gets his wardrobe for Hip Song sorted out is the week he stops promoting it. UGH and we had to live with weeks of him in bad outfits - FANTASTIC. I gotta say, I'm gonna miss Rain now that he's wrapping up promo. Awwww. Hahah.

CORRECTION: No Inkigayo tomorrow to make way for the broadcast of last weekend's Dream Concert. UGH I forgot. :((((

I start school on June 8th, so next weekend might be the last week with regular music show recaps for a while. MIGHT.


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