[May 14, 2010] KBS Music Bank Highlights + Commentary

This week's Music Bank was rather entertaining, actually. Comebacks from Gummy, Lee Jung Hyun, Davichi and Super Junior plus almost everyone else who was on last week. Hope you all enjoyed my live tweet a few hours back!

At least Music Bank has a decent sound engineer. I wouldn't say he/she's good, but the vocals weren't drowned by super loud backing tracks or strangled by crappy microphones. And the cameraman has improved too. Yayyyy. Credit for all the videos goes to UnknownCarrot110@YT. Brilliance. Again.

Secret - Magic

Once again, we get another consistent performance from the girls today. The blonde girl was slightly better too, although still a bit bleh - I now hail her the Sandara of Secret, with a bit more talent. But seriously, at the rate Secret are going, I'm tempted to write a vocal commentary - maybe in a few weeks once I get used to doing these music show recaps. So much to write, so little time. Oh well.

f(x) - NU ABO

I'm still not convinced. I'm sorry, I just don't like the song. However their vocals sound very comfortable this week and Luna's middle 8 was good - her high note was a bit off though. Amber's vocal was cut, didn't notice it until I saw someone say it on Twitter. Oh well. NEXT.

After School - Bang!

After School were a lot better today as well. If it wasn't for Raina's slip during the middle 8, they would've pulled the entire song off pretty decently. The performance as a whole was tight and like I said, most of their vocals were relatively strong today, even Nana and the new girl. After School are slowly becoming my second favorite girl group - it's about time!

Lee Jung Hyun - Suspicious Man

It was my first time hearing of Lee Jung Hyun a while ago, and she reminded me of my beloved Robyn - she still does. The blonde hair, the similar hair style and a bit of the music since Robyn's Euro and this girl's going for a Euro-ish thing. Her vocals just annoy the hell out of me though - she's trying to sing a bit like Robyn but she can't. Like duh. I'll have to do my research/background check (LOL) on her soon if she's gonna hit the music shows regularly, so next time she performs I'll have more to say. Hopefully.

Davichi - Time, Please Stop

I LOVE Davichi, loved them last year with 8282, I still think they have gorgeous vocals and that the song is gorgeous but my conscience is telling me this is too much like 8282. Time, Please Stop is to 8282 kind of like how SuJu's Bonamana is to Sorry Sorry - similar elements, slightly different sound+melody. The band at the back just made me laugh, it's obvious they weren't really playing because I don't hear any real drums. I do like the fact that they're all girls though - yay! I still wanna spazz over their vocals though, outstanding.

Rain - Hip Song

So, no more stripping during Love Song, Rain's gonna be promoting this song from now until whenever. Ugh. I liked the old outfits for this better, the new ones remind me of what he wore when he was going around with Instead of Saying Goodbye like a gazillion years ago with the boxing gloves and all. Once again, you have to watch Rain to know how good he is - I tried just listening to him when I was watching the live broadcast and I wasn't impressed but watching it back on YT, the performance was actually pretty good. Wardrobe aside, of course.

Hyori - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

I'm bored with this song now, I'm sorry. ALTHOUGH, the one good thing that Chitty Chitty Bang Bang has brought upon this world is the fact that I am in the process of converting Adem to kpop-ism using this song. *fist pump* I'm glad she's lost all the wigs and horrid-looking outfits though - she looks a lot more decent today.

Gummy - As a Man

We finally get a better sound system for Gummy and she doesn't sing There Is No Love??!? Whyyyyyyyyyyyy. Her vocals on the first verse were a little bleh, it's obvious she didn't warm up or anything before she started 'coz by the bridge her vocals were brilliant and by the chorus they were spectacular. LOVED this week's performance - Gummy's now probably my favorite female solo artist along with Lyn.

Super Junior - Boom Boom + Bonamana

Well well well, it's Super Junior. I miss Han Kyung. *pouts* I was rather surprised with everyone's vocals today as they seem to have improved since we last heard them live - that only means that my vocal commentary is now back to only having an intro because their voices have changed (rather late) and I have to take down a completely new set of notes for all of them. Donghae's gotten better and singing live (FINALLY!), Ryeowook no longer sounds like that much of a girl, Heechul can actually sing now, but Siwon still sucks live. One observation about the song that I only noticed now - Kyuhyun's not singing in the correct range/octave for 3/4 of his line in the first verse, it's too low. That and the backing track to Bonamana annoyed me with that robotic whatever under the vocals. Ugh. The performance today was pretty strong though - still don't think the song's any good, but I will enjoy watching the performances. Something to look forward to for the next few weeks.

2PM - Without U (WINNER)

So Junsu's still injured, Wooyoung's still miming. Oh well. The performance today was tight, vocals were pretty OK. I knew they would win from the very start of the show. I mean, they were against December (was it December?) - duh.

Please note that there will be no recap for tomorrow's MBC Music Core because I'll be out of town until Sunday afternoon - will be back in time for SBS Inkigayo though. Yayyy.


  1. The Super Junior performance was really impressive. Bonamana actually sounds better without all the autotune, but the guys need to get their breathing in check, because they're so winded from all the dancing. Also, I could not agree with you more about Donghae. I swear, he used to be my indicator whether a Super Junior performance was lip-synced or not. The boy can sing, but he really sucks singing live. He seems to have FINALLY improved. Siwon, on the other hand, is actually pretty good live. It's just that if he starts his line wrong, he goes downhill from there, which is what happened today.

  2. I'd be surprised if Lee Jung Hyun were consciously trying to imitate Robyn, because she's been around for over ten years and Suspcious Man is a return to the techno style she had at the start of her career, for example Bakkwo or Dala Dala.


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