Lemme just briefly explain the equation above - it's my own 'modification' so to say, of a slogan DBSK fans came up with to go with Always Keep the Faith. When times get tough for a kpop group - someone leaves, someone joins or whatever, fans make up equations that kinda show their desire for the original group to stick together and whatnot. Because Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu were in limbo with SME due to the lawsuit and fans were scared that they might leave, the equation for DBSK is:

5 (the entire band) - 3 (JaeChunSu) = 0, meaning if the 3 left, there would be no DBSK.

Now DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki's activities and career in general is in full stop - no group appearances, no new singles, nothing. I've said my piece on that, so I won't talk about it anymore.

The most recent, and most shocking (for me) piece of news that has come out of this whole fiasco is that Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu have re-signed exclusive management contracts with Avex and will be performing as a trio in Japan.

If this was any other piece of news, I'd be freaking out on Twitter repeating the same opinion over and over again, but this is quite different because my opinion is very, VERY complex. For my standards, I guess. It's complex because one, I'm a DBSK fan but two, I'm also a blogger with a LOT of anger towards the music industry. I'm both happy and not happy, not necessarily sad, but I'm not happy. *sigh* Tell me if I start confusing you guys, OK?

When I first heard the news I was so damn happy - like, dancing around my room and calling up my bff to scream at her happy.

The first reason for my excessive joy was the fact that I now have solid confirmation, not just some magazine interview, that at least SOME of the band still want to pursue music careers since their solo activities have revolved around acting, acting, Michael Jackson tribute concerts, acting, musicals, acting and acting. Now that they're actually gonna be performing in effin' TOKYO DOME of all places, I'm assured that they want music, which is damn good for me. Yay!

The second reason is that because the 3 signed new contracts (according to one translation) with Avex and I assume SM has no business with it because they hate the three, it technically means that they're free to do what they want to or aren't that constrained anymore. In Japan. In simpler words - THEY'RE FREEEEEEEE. In Japan. Just in Japan. But still, they're free. So yay.

A less prominent reason for my freaking out is the fact that they're not just playing some small club or going on some TV show and singing - they're doing effin' TOKYO DOME. TOKYO DOME, PEOPLE, TOKYO DOME. And it's not just for 1 night, it's for TWO. If they can play to a sell-out crowd there and it's just the three of them, IN YOUR EFFIN' FACE LSM. THIS IS WHAT YOU'RE LOSING, YOU SURE YOU WANNA GIVE THIS AWAY? Yay!

But hold up - it's only 3 of them. There's 5 in DBSK. I like DBSK. 5-2=0, the same way 5-3=0. Even if HoMin aren't suing SM and have their own solo stuff, seeing only JaeChunSu perform without the 2 is different. I'm not treating this 'sub-unit' as 'the new DBSK without HoMin', I'm treating it like just another solo activity where the 3 just happened to come together because it's not the 5 of them.

Like I always say, there's a certain magic that happens when DBSK step on that stage - when 5 outstanding voices who've worked so hard, been through so much and shed so many tears together, step on stage and sing their heads off and hearts out. It's that magic I want - I want the 5 of them, together. I'll wait, but they have to come back or at least say goodbye formally.

DBSK is Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu, Changmin and Yunho - no more, no less. This 'sub-unit' isn't 'the new DBSK' because there is only 1 DBSK and that's the 5 of them. So just because I'm happy that the 3 of them are together, doesn't mean I'm allowing the group to further divide. I'm happy for certain things it symbolizes, yes, but the one thing I've always wanted and will always want is for the 5 of them to be together again. That's all I've ever wanted from the very beginning, and I'm sticking with that.


  1. really love this.thanks for your support.Always Keep The Faith!

  2. Dit.To. 113%. DSBK isn't DBSK without all five on stage. It is nice to know that the three do want to continue together -- if they wanted to start over (as in with replacements), they would -- and I think it's smart of you treat it as a solo juncture.

    Like I told you last night - I really want to believe this is a bump in the road. Clearly they have gone through so much together, many highs and lows over the course of several years as a team, even before their formal debut. To just throw it away over contracts and money seems trivial, and eventually, wrongs will be righted.

  3. i think i understand your sentiments. when i first read the news i was upset then happy then i dunno. then i realised we should calm down and think of this with an open mind. its an opportunity for the 3 to get back on stage and perform as what they have ALWAYS wanted to do. and realise they will NOT be able to do tis in korea. hence to do this they recontract.so lets hope this is a way for them to keep fans entertained, instead of just waiting hopelessly, before they finally are ready, after all the business side of this crap is over, and get back on stage as true musicians:)))
    ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH baby. that i promise is instilled in me as a cassie forever.

  4. exciting news for me to wake up to this morning. let me begin by saying i agree whole heartedly with your assessment of the situation. it's unadulterated joy (for obvious reasons because bias is bias :P and this bias happens to be in the trio that is singing at tokyo dome) tempered with a bit of bittersweet to it.

    it is VERY good to see them move forward with music, even if it is just the three of them, especially now when they all seem to be immersed in dramas. it is like jaejoong said...the stage is truly where he, actually, where they all belong no matter how great their drama may be or no matter how great their musical may be. they have a very special gift for music and it makes this person's heart happy that such talent is nost being ignored.

    along with that, i am also extremely happy the three signed on with avex. avex have proven itself to be good to its artists. avex will undoubtedly foster, guide, nourish, and ensure that the three's talent grow. undoubtedly the three will also be given more license with their musicality. this is already evidence i think by the number of songs we get from the members themselves... be it compositions, lyrics or what not. we see that they are allowed to have more creativity in japan than in korea. sadly one part of their contract makes it understandable why we hardly see any work of theirs in korea... the part that says (non-verbatim) that whatever music by the members come up with will belong solely to SME to do as SME pleases. any artists would be hesitant to share any works of theirs faced with that kind of consequences. ~so yes, the three will definitely be free.

    lastly, you are right. there is a certain kind of magic when it is all 5 of them singing together. this magic will not be the same with just the three but like you, i shall be treating this trio like a sub-unit of dbsk/tvxq/tohoshinki. this too shall be just like soulmate's sub-unit until the 5 can be as one again to create that special brand of magic that only belongs to them. and call me a blind fool but i do believe the 5 will be together again. it may not be anytime soon but they will. i don't think all those years together can be thrown away for naught. besides...soulmate will make sure or else their tattoos will be all in vain. lol ~and i'm sure jaejoong's gonna whip out is countrified accent to nag HoMin and YooSu back into one group.

    but seriously though, this unit is definitely a good thing...they're putting themselves out there so as not to be forgotten by everyone cause not only do they represent themselves as individuals but they are the faces of dbsk/tvxq/tohoshinki even if they don't use that name as a sub-unit. they will make sure people remember that these 3 are part of 5and that when the 5 are together, the music they create is phenomenal and unforgettable.

    ~long comment is long :P (sorry too lazy to go back and edit for mistakes. XDD)

    ♥ purplelykthat

  5. Izzah Zulkafli - hahah. glad to know you like! AKTF!

    Mel - *sigh*

    I wonder 3x - Amen. At least we're getting something from the boys.

    purplelykthat (I'm more used to that! weehee) - *hugs*

  6. I can't agree with you more. I am planning to go to Tokyo Dome concert last year but thought it would be better if I wait until I could financially ready this year. *Sigh* Anyway, I decided to go even to listen to 3 might not be the same.

    AVEX is taking a huge risk now. I do think that they originally planned the Dome Tour in 2010 for Tohoshinki but failed to fix the problem with SM. That's why we have only 3 of them here. (Normally, you have to book Tokyo Dome over a year.) Moreover, do you know that Osaka Dome capacity? It is about 37,000 seats. I don't think they would risk this much for the trio. This is a high risk.

    Jeeezzz, I am happy to know that they will go on the music path too. I am even happy that they decide to stay together as 3. I think it's easier if Tohoshinki/DBSK would make a comeback. If either one of them get too much popularity over others, it would be completely hard to go back as five even they want to. One of them might overshadow the other which make the group unbalanced. *coughiamtalkingaboutJJevenheismybiased* Now, I don't have to worried that they would have to be on a japanese show alone or be on stage alone.

  7. I have basically the same opinion with you on this new unit. I'm happy the three are doing music and highly anticipating some awesome stuff from them. I also don't think (or at least I want to think) that the three didn't mean for this to be a new trio DBSK since they use their real names and not Tohoshinki.

    P.S. I've never commented before but I enjoy reading your music reviews/commentary.


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