Lee Ryan - Secret Love

*sigh* I'm disappointed, I really am. I liked Lee Ryan back then - he was blonde, in Blue, he had a nice voice with a gorgeous timbre and he crooned mid-tempo verging on slow pop songs. He was pretty good at it too. Now that he's actually back, we get THIS piece of trash? Can I puke now?

I understand if he's trying catch on to the techno/eurocrap fad and all because it sells right now and let's face it, the guy hasn't really sold that much as a solo artist but he could've at least put some effort into making it a decent song? Lack of creativity is a pretty mild offense for me compared to being a bad copy.

Read my full review on Virgin Music. weehee!


  1. I guess what makes this 'crap' worse is that it IS Lee Ryan. Of BLUE. And I'm quite disappointed that he's falling into the whole club/electro scene. Not his thing. I hope Lee just took the wrong step and the album sounds waaaay different. Long shot, I know.

  2. The mad Katter - You're one of the few who agree with me! Mel and J Mensah like it. Hahah.


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