Secret - Magic

I'm trying a different approach with these reviews - I've listened to this song for days but it's only now that I'm writing it. Hmm.

When I first heard of Secret last year, I thought yes, they could sing but I Want You Back was one of the most boring, generic, uncreative songs I'd heard all year. The vocals were there at times and it was decent but I'd heard everything before - the loop, the melody - it didn't interest me. So like numerous other kpop groups I've heard over the course of a year, I left their first EP safely nestled in my iTunes library until the day I'd write this review.

Like practically every other kpop group, Secret drastically changed with the release of Magic. When I first heard the song I was like OK, maybe this could work, I don't like it but it might just do the trick. The more I listen to it, the more I get sick of it.

The song is strong, the vocals are slightly WHOA, and I like the REAL tambourine at the beginning but the whole thing seems so contrived. Is this really the same Secret I heard months ago? OK sure, maybe pop as a whole is contrived, but shouldn't you at least try and sell the song? I'm not feeling this style with them.

The hook isn't infectious, OK, but the verses are strong enough to make a decent song. Pass.


  1. I don't know...
    Their voices are much better than Wonder Girks [but I like them lol] and many others... Their lives are awesome and they sang One More Time [Jewelry] perfectly.
    I think that this is the REAL pop. No auto-tune and synths all over the place [just like 4minute and Brown Eyed Girls]...
    In these days, people forgot pop... All they know is the electropop.
    I like them though :|


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