Rant: I need to let this out.

I'm sorry if I offend anyone in the process but just have to say this. This is MY blog with MY opinions and telling me my opinions are wrong is disrespectful and stupid.

I am sick and tired of stupid wannabe fangirls who know nothing about what they're talking about. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of smart, informed fan girls out there (me included) but in the Philippines in particular, a fangirl who knows what she's talking about is hard to come across.

Last Friday I wrote a negative review on SS501's new mini album Rebirth. As I was looking through referral links to the blog, I ended up at a Filipino SS501 fan forum and later a fan blog. I saw them talking about me and the review - calling me a low, uneducated, narrow-minded b*tch. They insulted me, asked me who I was to be saying these things and if I was a critic (which I think I am), said I knew nothing about music and that because I was a DBSK fan I immediately marginalized SS501.

Really, who does that to somebody just because he/she writes a negative review of 'your beloved insertnameofboybandhere' 's new release? I said what I thought and that's it - it's what I think from what I heard. I don't care if you think the album is brilliant or if you think it sucks, I said my opinion. End of story.

But these girls attacked me, called PRN a bad blog and in calling me narrow-minded for badly reviewing SS501 when I'm a DBSK fan also showed how narrow-minded THEY are.

They said my writing was trash, that it was a joke. DO YOU KNOW HOW BAD THAT FEELS? I'm already struggling with my writing as it is and a bunch of girls call it trash? I wanna burst out crying right now but I won't.

Now, please allow me to rant in my native tongue so I can give these girls a piece of my mind. Hahah. When I speak my native tongue I sound like an airhead.

Mga walang-kwentang, walang alam na fangirls ng SS501 sa isang forum na magagalit sa taong nagbigay ng opinion - PWEDE BA. Ano bang ginawa ko sa inyo? WALA. Nandito ako, nagsusulat ng opinyon KO tapos makikiepal kayo, iinsultuhin ako at babastusin ako??! Ang sarap nyo ring sakalin, no?

Kalokohan sinusulat ko? EXCUSE ME. Pasikat ako? Asa pa kayo.

Pwede ba, alam ko kung anong ginagawa ko, alam ko kung anong pinagsususulat ko, HINDI AKO TANGA. Edukado ako hindi lang sa school pero alam ko yung history ng K-pop at ng Pop music. Alam niyo ba? HINDI. Alam ko kung anong bago at luma pero saan palang kayo? Lady GaGa. Justin Bieber. 'Boom Boom Pow' ng BEP. MGA LATE.

Kung sasabihin ninyong mali ako, sana naman may pruweba kayo. Kasi dahil lang ba fangirls kayo kailangan gusto ng lahat ng ibang tao yung gawa ng pinakamamahal niyong insertnameofboybandhere? Hindi naman magugustuhan ng lahat ang lahat palagi eh. Tapos dahil masama yung sinabi ko sasabihin nyo sakin na isara bibig ko? Ayoko nga! Blog KO 'to, hindi NYO blog. Akin 'to, ako nagpasimuno, ako nagsusulat at AKO ang nag-iisip. Kung gusto nyong magsabi ng maganda tungkol sa paborito niyo, magpatayo kayo ng sarili nyong blog. 'Wag n'yo akong damayin sa katangahan niyo.


  1. Hey, i'm Pinoy too so i understood what you wrote in our native tongue. Good for you! Feel free to rant and rave - it's your blog.

    If its any consolation, i think you write really, really well and know pop (whether british, kpop or american). I also think you love music and it shows.

  2. Hey hey... calm down... They're just jealous. That's it. LOL...

    CHEER UP! :)


  3. Preach it, diva! Don't let the haters drag you down

  4. Ah, I guess they're just jealous cos they can't write as well as you~ That's for sure. =) There, there..
    If they can't appreciate an honest and constructive criticism by someone who actually know their stuff, I don't think they are worth your time. =) seriously.
    Your big fan here, Loy.

  5. theresa.rago - Thanks!

    BeE - Hahah. OK, I can look at it that way!

    D'Luv - *faints* YOU know I exist? *faints*

    rcLoy - Thanks, means a lot! Hahah.

  6. That's exactly how fangirls are -- they are super ridiculously protective of their music. I was the same way when I was 12 and *NSYNC was all the rage. Anyone who said something "ill" of them (constructive or not) raised by tempers. It's because they are too young to appreciate that you're being constructive.

    Eventually they'll get it. Until then, we can just laugh at how young they are. Haha. :) ::hugs::

  7. I think they're not worth minding for. As Loy said, they're not worth your time.


  8. Mel - Hahah. *hugs back* Although I wasn't like that when I was 12 and a Westlife fangirl. Hahah.

    Ken - You're right. *ignores fangirls* Hahah.

  9. loving the paragraphs in your native tongue. Just loving them - no idea what it means but it reads wonderfully. I keep rereading it!

  10. nynyonline - Yeah. Hahah. Thanks!

    Paul - Hahah. It's just pretty much saying that I won't shut up just because they're waging war against me and that I know what I'm doing, unlike a lot of them. Hahah. And it took me a very, VERY long time to really realize how beautiful my native tongue really is. Hahah, if that's what you mean.

  11. I did mean that :) It was wonderful!

  12. Hello! I've just started reading your stuff tonight, and I must say, very well done! Please ignore the haters, they're complete morons. You have well-thought out articles, and I'm very glad I found this! Keep up the excellent work. :)

  13. Hey i know people don't get by your opinions.. they are fans girls and extremely loyal. i love the way you critique artists based on their abilities and what they can offer rather than the pop culture opinion.. its not one of those types where they try to romanticize people with their smooth writing.haha KEEP IT UP but remember too much freedom of expression is bad too..


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