So what do I think of Ke$ha?

Ke$ha has been around for quite some time now and I know a lot of people have expressed love and/or hate for her but I haven't actually said what I think of the girl.

I have mixed feelings about Ke$ha and Mel addressed quite a few of them but for the sake of it I'll say them again.

If you know me well, you'd know what my taste in music is. If you read PRN a lot (which a few of you do), you'd also know my taste in music pretty well. Ke$ha is not a name that'll come out when you fire out of my favorite artists for the sole reason that she has a US #1 single. I don't like super popular acts because one, most of the time they're crap and two, if they aren't crap I hear them too much and get so sick of them I learn to hate it all together (*ahem* Boom Boom Pow *ahem*).

To a certain extent that's right. TiK ToK was good, catchy, trashy (which sells) and pretty OK for maybe the first week of me hearing it but then it exploded and suddenly everyone was playing it. Music channels here caught wind (super late, AGAIN) and it got played a million times a day here. Ugh.

But on the other hand, there's a part of me that doesn't watch TV anymore nor do I even care about what my classmates are playing because I have my iPod and the miracle of 'maximum volume' now exists - I gotta say, TiK ToK is pretty catchy. It's nothing especially ground-breaking or musically proficient but it's a pop song. I haven't heard pop like this in quite a while, to be honest with you. OK maybe I have *ahem* Lady GaGa *ahem* but Ke$ha's is less euro and a little more American from what I've heard. It's a lot trashier, a lot whine-y-er and all in all a lot more LET'S PARTEH than I WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD. lol. In short, it's mindless 'fun'.

Then there's the issue of her vocals. I CANNOT STAND CRAP VOCALS, I think you guys know that by now. I want singers who sing, not whine or chant or put out whatever other crap sounds from their mouth - they call themselves pop stars, they have to at least sing the damn songs. Yeah sure it's better than miming all your performances but you know, I really can't stand her semi-whine/semi-singing. It doesn't work, it never will and until she learns that she has to sing before I take her seriously. Even Hilary Duff had to learn how to stop whining.

I won't settle for artists who can just hold a melody, this is what they do for a living for crap's sake - they better do it damn good.

Animal (the album) is iffy for me, there are times when I think it's good and there are times I think it just sucks so bad I wanna throw it away and curse it for life. It can get too annoying for comfort and it does a lot but for something mindless, this is probably one of the best albums ever. LOL. Oh, and I cannot stand Blah Blah Blah.

TiK ToK will be filed along with the Boom Boom Pows, Poker Faces and Nobodys of the world in my 'don't you dare play this when I'm around or I will get very angry' list. Another one of those trying to cash in on Lady GaGa. PUH-LEASE.

I won't elaborate anymore, as long as you know that one, I have mixed feelings for her music and two, I can't stand her voice, that'll be enough for now. Until she does something so great or so bad that I have to mention her again.


  1. I think it's a mixture of how overplayed "Tik Tok" is becoming in such a short time (in a desperate attempt to *launch* a new artist), and the gimmicky-ness of her image that it seems like NO ONE finds annoying in America. I don't know when I started being prudish (I'm really not), it's all seems so fake. "Tee hee, I'm so drunk, mmmkay?" And I wish the comparisons to Gaga would stop. Gaga has long drawn out, DEEP lyrics, if you care to look into them. Not this.

  2. I have issues with her singing style too, but I can't deny that Tik Tok is very catchy to a certain extend. Anyway, Lady Gaga and Kesha is definitely not in the same class. Gaga FTW, thanks. That's all :P

  3. I've said it a few times but I'll say it again: She sounds like Amanda from Ugly Betty when she sings.

    As Mel said, it all seems a bit fake.

  4. Fair enough! Really, for me, it's all about the music - Image helps, but doesn't really play a MASSIVE part - but still, it's something.

    Musically (as I'm yet to hear the album) - I don't mind her. TiK ToK is fantastic, and her vocal has a quality about it I quite like...

  5. I really like TiK ToK when I heared it last year...but now that song is playing to much on the radio, infact since they paly it on the radio I was NOOO!! hahahah anyways...I just listen to SOME of her songs just to have a little fun (Dinosaur, this song is funny xD) & some other 'cuz I'm not in the mood of anything else xD

  6. I do quite like some ke$ha songs, find them quite more-ish to be honest, but that's mainly because they were force fed down my throat by american radio while I was in vegas :P I'm quite enjoying 75% of the album, but do feel I need a hot shower afterwards to wash off the yuckiness of her though!!

  7. glad we're all more or less in agreement! Hahah.


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