Yet another Friday night post..

...and this time it's a heap of random new stuff, mainly because I've been so out of the loop lately to bother. lol. So these are random tidbits I've stumbled upon since the start of the year, if you've already heard of it don't kill me. ANYWAY.
  • Let's get this over with. Cheryl Cole's third single is Parachute. Boring as hell, once again. My attempt to review 3 Words failed miserably.
  • JLS have a new single. It's One Shot. I have, once again, predicted a post-album single. I'm getting REALLY good at this. After all the kpop, I find it odd watching a boyband dancing AND singing in English at the same time. But then again I'm waiting for pure genius from these guys.

  • New album from The Ting Tings due sometime this year. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS.
  • C.N.Blue are a new Korean band - no, not boyband or girl group - BAND. You know, Korean bands sound like Filipino/OPM bands. Not the crap ones, the slightly better and edgy ones. But once again, THERE IS RAP. Really, what do these people like so much about rap? But the hook is pretty catchy and the melody's novel. I won't necessarily listen to it on a regular basis but it's not bad.

  • Ke$ha is taking over the world. I have a draft lying around here somewhere with what I think of her but it needs a lot more tweaking. Should be up this week so wait for it.
  • After getting sick last weekend, I have caught up with music here in the Philippines and let me tell you, it's pretty pathetic. What's playing almost every 15 minutes? Empire State of Mind, For Your Entertainment, TiK ToK, Party In The USA, I Wanna Know What Love Is (yes, Mariah), that Tokio Hotel song and the list goes on and on and on. UGH.
  • Now lastly, this has something to do with kpop (again) SUPER JUNIOR IS/ARE COMING TO MANILA. THEY'RE GONNA BE BREATHING THE SAME AIR AS I AM. IN APRIL. TICKETS COST A TON (and I mean a ton). And I'm not even sure if I can go, but I'm not fainting over it - I would be dead right now if it was DBSK but it's not so no. Hahah.
So, fire away with the comments! I want comments.


  1. Good luck on SuJu if you decide on going -- I want to hear all about it. :)

    I'm interested to hear your thoughts on Ke$ha...surprisingly her ominipresence is turning me off like you wouldn't believe.

    I'm not seeing the excitement for JLS. It's all kind of bleh. Hmm. Did you see that Perez Hilton/Simon Fuller want to put together a boy band now? ::sigh:: Can't we just support the ones we already have?

  2. I really like Parachute - something about it I love!

    Can't wait to read the KE$HA review!

  3. OK. The SuJu part is gettin' me excited even if they are not coming over here. LOL~ You better take lots of pixs if you are going.
    Yay for Ting Tings too. Their 1st album is genius pop. Haha. And I love the fact you don't like Cheryl Cole, she is so over-rated. LOL

  4. That list of songs that you said is being played almost every 15 minutes in the Philippines? Almost exactly like what's playing every 15 minutes here in Hawaii. I feel your pain! LOL

    Not impressed with Ke$ha AT ALL. At least Lady Gaga is entertaining. I'm looking forward to seeing what you think.

    *sigh* I'm so jealous about the SuJu concert. I really doubt they'd come to a rock out here in the Pacific Ocean haha How much are tickets?

    And surprisingly, I'm liking the C.N. Blue single, despite the rapping. Their other songs are pretty good, too!

    Are you still planning to review the live performances of F.Cuz and ZE:A?

  5. Did you know The Ting Tings' upcoming album will be titled 'Kunst'?? I Lol-ed cuz they're soo
    one typo away from trouble o_o

  6. Yay to your distaste of Cheryl's new single! Lump of Coles unite against the mediocrity!

    Yay to JLS! I think One Shot is a bit of an odd choice but I can see why they went for it, and I adore them so much that I have to stick with them :)

    Interested to hear more Ting Tings!

  7. So that's all I had to do to get comments? lol.

    Mel - Gah. Well it's in April so I MIGHT be able to go. Amen to everything else.

    Aaron - Hahah. It isn't entirely positive, that's all I can say.

    rcLoy - YOU GOT TO SEE PIXIE LOTT. (did you? yeah.) Hahah. Yes, sir - I will take pictures. Lol.

    Daniella - writing up the post as we speak, should be up sometime this week.

    mcroth - yup. Just forgot to mention it. Hahah.

    Paul - We should totally form a 'Cheryl Cole makes me fall asleep' club. Lol.


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