American Idol 9 Episode 1

Yes, I'm at it again. YES.

It's been nine years since the first season in 2001 - at the time I was 7. Yes, 7. I'll admit, I can name all 9 winners, their runners-up and around half of the top 12 of each season but there are only a handful of the acts who come out of Idol who I actually like. Needless to say, Idol isn't a talent search anymore like it was meant to be. I mean yeah sure maybe some of the winners really had talent and some really made something of themselves but right now, I watch Idol for the freaks - it's just entertainment. It won't launch critically acclaimed stars nor will I like most of them but I'm open - someone might come out this year, you never know.

As many (or all) of you know, last year I attempted to live blog American Idol episodes - I only got past a few though. So this year, I'll try to watch the show again - I can't guarantee you that I'll make it to the end of the season but I can try, can't I?

This season sees Paula gone, replaced by guest judges during the auditions and ELLEN for the rest of the season. Will it be any good? Hmm.

So these're my notes - while watching the show. Nothing edited. YES! lol.
  • The girl in pink (who went first) murdering Natasha Bedingfield's Pocketful of Sunshine is pathetic. The game doesn't know anything - IT'S A COMPUTER.
  • The next girl wasn't that bad actually. It's OK but nothing spectacular. I'd say round 2/3 of Hollywood at the very least.
  • LOL at the 'holding room entertainment' aka guy in a blue and white striped shirt saying 'holla' waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much. He reminds me of someone I know. Doing a Britney song? Can't sing. It was amusing though. That's what Idol has become really - amusing. Not so much of a talent show anymore.
  • That Hirsh girl had a interesting voice and the song choice was cool. I LIKE that Wolfe girl, nice, nice voice.
  • This guy can sing. And that food looks good. lol. BIG voice, if he doesn't know how to use it properly it can get excessive. But nice voice.
  • Next guy. He sounds like Chris Brown and the Eagles? WTF??!?!? Enough said.
  • And the truckload of rejects.
  • Wannabe 'otaku'. My best friend will be ready to kill her. Girl can't sing. Even if she was in Japan.
  • These 2 guys (plus give and take 2 or 3 other guys) can totally form a boyband if ever they get rejected (hopefully not.). Gorgeous vocals.
  • Guy in glasses up next. I have a bad feeling. Or not that much. A little too whine-y. Good at some points but I'm not convinced.
  • Is this a wannabe Adam Lambert parade? lol.
  • This Ashley Rodriguez girl is pretty good. That song's hard to sing. (I SAID IT BEFORE KARA DID. I DID.)
  • The guy with the shattered wrists reminds me of a less intense Bo Bice. And I LOVED Bo Bice. He should've won. But anyway, I will be watching him.
  • Day 1 - END. 17 golden tickets given.
  • First girl day 2. ONE BIG NO.
  • Parade of rejects #2. *goes and takes a nap* GUY IN THE KING SUIT! lol.
  • Mike Davis. Guy in the boat. Might work in a group but solo he's a bit weak. He can hold a melody though.
  • 16 year-old girl. Portuguese. Let's see what she can do. Sob story. Sounds like an Americanized Gabriella Cilmi. She doesn't sing like an excessive 40 year-old though. *ahem* Charice *ahem* I like her.
  • This Joshua guy has a GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS DAMN SMOOTH VOICE. OH MY EFFIN' GAWD LIKE AAAAAHHHHHH. Smooth. Lacks some technique but with a little work it'll be brilliant. SIMON DOESN'T KNOW WHAT HE'S TALKING ABOUT. I DO. (lol) But PLEASE, no one turn him into anther Archuleta, PLEASE.
  • More rejects. Including a less enthusiastic William Hung.
  • Justin Williams. Another sob story - cancer. Doesn't change how I'll look at his voice though - nothing will. Interesting voice. I like. High notes are a little iffy for me but it was pretty good.
  • Someone singing CASCADA?? CASCADA? You have got to be kidding me. It sucked. A LOT.
  • Seems like this next guy has a voice. HE DOES. *faints*
  • Last contestant of the day. Hmmm. Nice voice. She sounds like someone but I can't quite put my finger on it. I disagree with Kara - not a very good singer, still needs some work, but VERY nice voice.
Well that's it. Might not be able to do a live blog tomorrow night but I might. lol.


  1. you know, i really planned to watch and blog about american idol, but coming so soon after the x factor and all the time and effort that took, i just can't take it!! Haha, good to live vicariously through others then!


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