Gabriella Cilmi - On A Mission

Yes, I've managed to fit in a review today. Why? Because I think I've been too lazy on the non-kpop side of things lately and I really wanna balance everything nicely this year. Thus, a review. Yes, it's Cilmi. lol.

I like this girl, I really do. Sweet About Me was like one of the catchiest, most brilliantly-sung songs of my sophomore life - I absolutely adored the girl for it. I like her vocals, I like how she wasn't going overboard with them and I LOVED the album. Speaking of that album, I might listen to it again after this. Hahah.

So because I absolutely ADORED that phase of her, it wouldn't hurt to check out this "fantastic new single". lol. Well like Ken and Jio, I'm depressed.

I hear the first 10 seconds of the song and I'm like, WHAT THE EFFIN' CRAP IS THIS?!?!?!? IS SHE JOKING??!??!?!?! Then I hear the rest of it and I just get depressed. No really, I hate seeing what this girl had during her first album wasted on a stupid single like this.

I understand how sometimes going back to the 80's for inspiration can be a good thing (not for me though but that's just me) but really, this song is one of the most confused, annoying and downright pathetic things I've heard this year. And yes, it's almost as pathetic as F.Cuz.

At first it sounds like some 80's inspired thing with the synths and the melody and all but then you hear her vocals are you're like "oooooookkkkaaaaaaay..." then the verses come in and I just got confused. The chorus sounds like a modified Kylie track and the whole thing is just cheap. And that 'chanting'/mock rapping - WHAT THE CRAP IS THAT?

Without Gabriella's vocals, this song would be just another piece of trash pathetically trying to emulate Little Boots (or not), Kylie and is it just me or do I hear traces of Madonna? Her vocals carry the song because frankly, they're damn brilliant - I hate hearing it wasted on a pitiful excuse for a song. Anyway, this isn't something I'd be willing to buy in the future. *goes and listens to Sweet About Me to save my ears*



  1. I Know Right. I'm even generous enough to give it a B-. I'm so not liking this. I want the old Gabriella Cilmi back! CILMI (pun intended). LOL.

  2. i still haven't listened to this despite all the hype!! Perhaps I'll give it a whirl tonight :)


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