Davichi - 8282

MY MIDTERMS ARE DONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Therefore, I bring you another review. Hahah.

Before I heard this song, I had come across Davichi several times already - I heard the project group they were in with T-Ara and a couple of other girls and didn't really like it, the same way I was never really interested in their other material. I knew they're very well-known for their vocals but other than that I found no other way to praise them - the songs I'd heard didn't cut it for me.

The last 3 days of December in kpop were dedicated to year-end song festivals or Gayo Daejuns - the three biggest TV networks all had their own extravaganzas with the biggest of big celebrities in attendance, performing. DaVichi made a big enough impact in the industry this year to be invited and this was the song they were singing - the big hit. I never really bothered with the rest of their stuff but when I first heard them singing this with 2AM (they're the ballad boyband under JYP) I was like "I must find out what song this is".

So I found it and I listened. And listened and listened and listened.

I absolutely adore the idea they're going for with this song - I love the nice, flow-y, sweet ballad they're going for during the verses, I like the intense, club-y thing that explodes at the chorus and I like the concept of putting them together. I like the idea of mixing a classy ballad with a novelty song-sounding thing. The thing with this song that still bugs me though, even if I can't get enough of the idea is that the execution is sloppy as hell. Not the execution of the vocals, the execution of the music. The transitions are crap.

After almost a month of the song lying in my music library, overplayed for maybe the first week, I still like the idea, LOVE these girls' voices but despise the execution and arrangement. Whoever arranged this should be shot, whoever wrote this should be put on a pedestal and Davichi should be immortalized. Why exactly? GOD THOSE VOCALS. I haven't heard vocals this good from Koreans since Luna f(x)! Now that I think about it, Luna would fit in nicely in this group. Think about it.


Plus THIS?

But for now, revel over this live performance with super-talented 2AM (who I'll formally introduce to you guys sometime this weekend):

4/5 BRILLIANT concept, crap execution.


  1. hahah Davichi+Luna =DxD it will be great...a wonderful performance will be IT! Yes, the girls the sing! the first time I heared them I was in heaven! (xD)

  2. omg! this song was good...but you're right about the transitions...i compose music(alot lol im actually in a vocal/dance group here at my college), and that would keep me from sleeping at night if i tried to pull that
    but if you want an example of how a ballad can be turned in to a mid/fast paced song with excellent transitions/vocals/execution, here you go
    note:the piano may bug you at first but sit through it; its worth it


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