Two boybands from different generations.

First boyband - One Call. The reincarnation of NLT with some members of the aforementioned band, I wouldn't count on One Call hitting the big time. We've seen NLT call it quits, Varsity Fanclub push back their album release date then replace a member and haven't heard a single gigantic, possibly life-changing announcement from V Factory - new boybands in the US aren't doing very well.

If you take the facts, that's what might happen but if you ask me, someone has to do it and if neither V Factory or Varsity Fanclub are doing anything, then One Call may be a blessing in disguise.

Temporary Love sounds like hit material - the song screams 'give me a good dance routine and make a bunch of club remixes', I don't like most parts of it and over-all, it sounds like a superstar producer or someone who wants to be a superstar producer was the mastermind behind this song.

The best part is the middle 8, in my humble opinion. It's so different from the rest of the song but the melody is divine and the vocals are gorgeous. It makes an impact - even for those few seconds.

3.9/5 - I need a bit more from these guys. They need to give me a song worth hearing.

These boys need to learn a ton of things from the Gods of boybands - BSB. They've given us a bunch of amazing songs/demos of their upcoming album and they sure know how to put one together. There's a Forever-esque song, one that doesn't sound like them but is them, a heap of brilliantly made songs and the lead single which sounds like how a BSB song should sound like in 2009.

The first thing One Call and all these new boybands should learn from BSB is to actually get an album out. The second? Use a formula - it's what pop music's all about.

All In My Head is for the fangirls - me included. It's the song on the album that'll plant the idea of having the guys actually fall in love with us in our heads. A sweet melody, descriptive lyrics and a simple instrumentation. Add that to their always-top form vocals and you have the perfect boyband midtempo verging on ballad that's a MUST for all boyband albums. (see: my post on deconstructing the perfect boyband album)




  1. Oh can't wait for the BSB album - Straight Through The Heart is pop genius. However, I'm a bit burnt out on these boybands that come along with a few decentish to good songs, tempt us then disappear before an album. So i'm delaying and hanging on til an album is in the stores...

  2. My eternal love for BSB. Its gotta be good. I know it! LOL. I love most of the so called released track other than the FABULOUS Straight Through My Heart. Can't wait.

  3. Paul - These new American boybands are so unproductive in terms of album/single releases these days. Koreans make them look lazy, frankly (see: my new obsession

    rcLoy - Can't wait either! One highly-anticipated album by most of us, thankfully.

  4. It's not the boy bands fault -- it's the label's decision to not release them. NLT was gunning for an album release. Every interview they'd plug the release date. Then it would come and go and you'd see over time how much that killed them. I think it was the delay that killed the group's momentum and excitement to the point that they just wanted to pursue other avenues. I hope JJ has more success with One Call than NLT did. However, if any of them have a shot, I think it's V Factory. "Love Struck" may not have worked at radio but it did alright at dance, and of all them, they have the best shot at getting a release due to Asher being in "Fame" which comes out in September.

  5. As always! I'm sick and tired of labels bossing their artists around, frankly.

    Really? Cool. Agreed - that'd most probably be a gigantic publicity boost when it comes out. Yay! hahah.

  6. These boys (One Call) they are SO into what they are doing it's almost heart breaking to even think of them falling into NLT-dom. They just got signed to a label in December so I think they should be given some slack, but I think they know that they need a serious kick in the butt to get themselves going. I can't wait to see them excel and be the new BSB or N*SYNC. It's about time that the boybands came back, and I want to see One Call make a real name for themselves and get out there in the public eye where they belong!

  7. As you know, One Call has been broken up for a while and it really sucks, but what makes it even worse is that this was Justin Thorne's 2nd shot at fame and success after what happened with NLT. Sure NLT had better songs and choreography, but the great thing about One Call was that we actually got to hear Justin sing as opposed to NLT where he was always in the background and dancing, which he was the best at in both groups. One Call should find replacements for AG and Jose.


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