Industry - Burn

I need to unwind - I just finished writing a 24-page paper in my native tongue about how our culture should be ours and no one else's. Great.

Industry are most probably God's gift to pop music this year - everything about this band shows how good pop music can be. I only have one problem though, the girl who sings the most has a voice with parts that I get sick of after one listen. I'm dead serious - if you make the two guys sing one whole song without the girl, I'd fall at the song's feet and never want to listen to anything else again. But her voice can be insanely brilliant most of the time.

That aside, the song is a masterpiece. Whoever wrote this song should be put on a pedestal and worshipped for eternity.

The piano part is insane - whoever thought of making it go on throughout the whole song is a genius. It's a very nice buffer - gives the song another dimension and softens everything up. The processed stuff don't seem so fabricated after all and there are parts that can pass for a lullaby in my book.

The second verse is so-so to my ears but the middle-8 is brilliantly scream-y. Yes, the notes are really, really high but the melody makes me melt every time. Like hell.

My favorite part of the song? The first verse. Before everything gets manic and the girl screams all over the place, this is the reason why I love Industry. They can do big, monstrous and pop all the way but they can be reserved and faint-worthy. That voice - I can die right now and not have any regrets. And it's processed at all the right points. Not excessively, it's just enough to soften and smoothen the high notes. That's what auto-tune is supposed to do.

Will this be number one? I sure hope so - it deserves to be but judging by the fact that I never get these things right, it may not.


  1. i love it. obv. Industry could reignite the way for Same Diff and then I would worship them forever. And a day.

  2. The songwriters and producers are Holter/Erixson, check them out here -

  3. I'm sorry but I think this is dreadful. Even Seo In Young has a prettier voice than those two ugly girls and the boys look like rejects from A1. I can't see this doing much better than their last song - which admittedly was #1 in Ireland but then fell out of the top 40 the following week. They sure are no Big Bang/Girls Generation!

  4. Paul - I know, right?

    XYZ - Thanks for the info!

    Mike - Your opinion, I'm fine with that! Seo In Young is OK for me - I like about 2 Jewelry songs so yeah.


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