Britt Nicole - The Lost Get Found

I'm partial to CCM/Christian Music for two reasons. One because I'm a protestant in a predominantly Catholic country and about 70% of my 'religiousness' is centered around music and the ability to sing as worship - CCM has always been a part of my music library. The second reason is purely musical - the genre CONSISTENTLY produces some of the most beautifully heart-wrenching and moving songs I have ever heard.

That's what this album is - beautiful in every sense of the word. Even if you're not 'Christian'/Protestant (Christianity includes Catholicism, I don't see why some sectors of Protestantism call themselves 'Christians' - I'm a Christian but my sub-church is Protestantism) you'll enjoy the album - the girl is talented and the songs are entertaining at the very least.

The album opens with Britt's carrier single - the epic The Lost Get Found. When I first heard the song I was speechless, everything about it gave me goosebumps. Heck, even the lyrics moved me to a certain extent! The thing with Britt is that she has the ability to take a pop melody, slap on some inspirational lyrics and not make the song sound the least bit corny. If you put in some lyrics about love and stuff it would still make sense - nothing about the music would change.

I tweeted a few hours back that 30 seconds into How We Roll, I was convinced that The Lost Get Found was going to make my afternoon - even my week. It's a funky, feet-stomping number that's a complete contrast to the previous song. You can't not get up and dance or tap your foot at the very least. The opening piano of Safe is beautiful but not the most beautiful. It's good enough though - the verse will make you listen throughout the whole song. Basically it's that one piano loop that makes the whole song - it's there throughout but you only notice it when it's nice and serene. Brilliant.

The start of Hanging On sounds like it could be the ending theme song to a Lizzie McGuirre-esque movie but as it progresses, heck it can fit into any Disney movie! It's nice a sweet - it doesn't explode, just stays constantly at one level throughout. Headphones puts this girl beside the Katy Perrys and Lenkas of the world but she doesn't hit you over the head nor is she too subdued - she's pop. The track has hints of funky-ness and once again, tapping your foot will become subconscious less than a minute into this song. Yay.

Welcome To The Show doesn't sound circus-y at all despite the strange start put boy are you in for a treat. Her pronunciation is verging on Brit and the chorus just explodes, in a good way. This track shows that she can be rock-y intense and serious and it was unexpected to say the least but it's not uncalled for - if you think about it this makes sense on the album. The middle 8 is clearly the highlight with heavy drums and high notes all over the place - this girl CAN SING.

Walk On Water reminds me of her first album - the piano with the vocals and the melody all string together perfectly but once the bass line comes in and the guitar builds the song up, I realize that her first album is done and over with. She's grown but not completely. The melody is beautiful, worthy of my swooning and the chorus gave me goosebumps. That's what songs should do to people.

Glow is another guitar-centered number with a stomping beat. The electro bits after the chorus make the song cool - love that touch. The middle 8 is epic and the chorus is intriguing - the makings of a good pop song! Feel The Light is another one of those beautiful melodies you just can't get enough of. It's beautiful but overshadowed by these next two tracks.

Like A Star reminds me of something that could be in a Kylie album but no - it's on Britt Nicole's. The song could be on a chick-flick and blend right in and yet, I wouldn't want it to be - I like where it is. What makes this song different from all the others on the album is that most importantly, this was the song that made me smile without realizing it. It's the song that made me stop whatever I was doing (I believe I was reading Tweets..) and just listen. It's the song that made me look at Britt Nicole in a different light now that she's given me a brilliant pop song. Brilliant.

Have Your Way is probably the most beautiful song I've heard all year. All the emotion put into this song is astounding. The start with just her and a bit of piano is so passionate and dramatic and the song as a whole is haunting. I'm not making this up - if you tell me to name the most beautiful song of the year, this is it. Jordin Sparks' Was I The Only One may be the most beautiful on Battlefield but it's nothing compared to Have Your Way.

It was hard choosing my favorite song on the album but in the end, I chose the song that subconsciously made me smile - the one that proves to me that music deserves the massive amount of respect I give it and that it's far more powerful than I think it is. (Was that way too serious?) Even with those criteria - I have 2 favorite songs on the album.

So, to sum up the album:
Best Track: Have Your Way is a notch higher than Like A Star but they're the best of the best.
Better Tracks: Everything else - honestly.
My Least Favorite Track: NONE OF THEM.
THE RATING: 5/5, it's deserving.


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