DOUBLE INTERVIEW: Jennings + Trina Elle

Yes people, it's time for another interview! This time I've spiced things up though and asked two artists the same set of questions.Jennings in my humble opinion sounds like she was Swing Out Sister in The Corrs. Add two pop giants from different decades together and you have brilliance - something I never expected. With a voice that will make you swoon and melodies that make you smile every time, her songs will cheer you up and give you a reason to love music even more. At least they did for me.
The string section of Trina Elle's People can take on major label artists' platinum-selling singles any day - her voice can make them all hide under rocks and her songs will make them stay under the said rocks. Need I say more?

Two ladies in pop music, two different yet creative minds, two beautiful voices, and two artists - Trina Elle and Jennings. I gave them the exact same questions to answer and how did they do? You be the judge of that. (note that both interviews were copy/past-ed DIRECTLY from my e-mail. No edits on grammar, style, usage and punctuation were done.)

1. The first time I heard your songs they honestly made me smile - what do you want your music to do to people and how do you want them to react when they hear your songs?

Jennings: I love your reaction! I want people to smile and get into the music. I just hope that each listener can take something away from it and apply it to their own lives. I want people to be able to relate to it.

Trina Elle: I must say i want them to be able to relate to my music, even find comfort in my songs. Whether it makes them laugh, smile, or even cry, any feeling is a good reaction.

2. Do you make it a point for all your songs you write or choose to have one distinct element in them that makes them 'you' or do you just write whatever comes to mind, whenever whatever inspiration strikes? Why and how?

Jennings: I think I would say that it is both. I definitely just write what comes to mind and inspires me at the time. I don't try to limit myself by having elements that make it me. However, I think I am always going to have certain elements that float through every song because it is just how I write. It isn't purposeful, it's just me.

Trina Elle: Basically alot of times, its how im feeling or something that im going through, and just as often anything that comes to mind. Usually i like to make a point in my songs, writing about things that matter.

3. In terms of the music industry as an industry, what do you think of it? Do you like it, hate it, want to be signed to a major label or what? Why?

Jennings: I think it is a great time in the music industry to be an independent artist. We have so many resources at our disposal with the internet and such that we can "make it" without a label. We can get managers, publicists, publishing deals, etc without having to have a record deal. I still, however, think that if you get the right deal, being with a label would be great and could take an indie artist to the next level. I would love to have a record or publishing deal, indie or major, but it has to be the right deal.

Trina Elle: I think it's ok, i mean there is a lot of drama that could be done without, i mean I feel if you are a gorunded person you should cope well. As for being signed with a label i wouldnt mind it, it makes it much easier to get your music career ahead, but again you always have to search for that 'right' contract.

4. I love beautiful voices - they're one of the qualities I look for in an artist. How do you use/control your voice to your advantage as a musician and as a singer?

Jennings: I have been singing since I could make noise, so it has been something I have just learned to do over the years. I am now going to a vocal coach for maintenance of my voice because I would never want to lose it. As far as using it to my advantage...I think I just try to use it in such a way that makes the words I am saying more colorful and meaningful.

Trina Elle: I have a very soulful voice so i useit to my advantage in the ballads, and also belt it out when i need to get that powerfull effect. I have a vocal coach who is still working me to perfect my techniques.

5. What is artistic integrity and credibility for you? What does it mean to you or how does having it affect the music you make?

Jennings: It sounds silly but I just want to be true to myself. I write what I want to write and if everyone else likes it then I think that's awesome! I don't think I would ever be able to put out music that I don't like, regardless of how popular it might make me.

Trina Elle: For me, it's quite important, my whole album is about real experiences that ive been through, hence my album titled 'My Reality'.

6. What sets you apart from other female pop solo artists I and many other bloggers feature? Why do you think my readers should take notice of you?

Jennings: Well I think there are some amazing female artists out there. I think that we all have our elements that make us shine. For me I would say it's the person as well as the music. I am an honest person. I write music about things that I know and don't try to make things too complicated in my writing. Also, who you see on stage is who you will meet after the show. I want people to come to a Jennings show and feel like they see the musician and the person as one in the same. I think that is what will help so many people connect with an artist.

Trina Elle: Im not fake, im not dishonest, i just want people to take the time to listen because im sure u will enjoy it. I just wanted to make people hear what my story is all about, that we all go through good and rough times, it's life, and it makes u stronger.

7. If you were offered a major label contract with the promise of wealth beyond words and extensive (sometimes excessive) promotion of your music in exchange for completely changing your musical identity, would you take it? Why or why not?

Jennings: It would be awfully tempting for sure, but if it went against what I believe in or who I genuinely am, then no. Their isn't enough money in the world for me to lose the identity that I have worked so hard to accept and love. I feel that if I did that, at the end of the day I would still be a sad person. I would rather be broke and know who I am then have a fortune and lose myself.

Trina Elle: Nope, i would not. The whole point of my album is to write my truth, life's twists and turns, changing my musical identity would be the opposite that im trying to do. Besides i don't need the money...again that is not the main goal.

8. Right now, what's your main goal as an artist and musician?

Jennings: I would just love to make a living with my craft. If I could travel the country (and even outside of the country) and hit every major city, bringing out about 200-300 people to each show then I think that would be a huge success! I don't need my face all over MTV to be happy (although that would be nice too. ). I just want to be able to make it a stable living.

Trina Elle: Right now, i just want to be heard, if i could hear my music on the radio i would be more that satisfied even if thats the furthest it would go. Of coarse eventually hopefully people will like it enough to keep it alive but right now i just want to take one day at a time.

9. When in your career will you be able to confidently say that you're successful?

Jennings: I can say right now that my career has been successful. So many people have sent me messages or told me that my music has changed their lives for the better. That is an amazing feeling. That right there is success. Anything after that is just icing on the cake.

Trina Elle: I think right now id be happy with just making a few hit singles that just explode all over! Then id be happy!

10. How do your influences affect your music and creativity as a whole?

Jennings: I am influenced by so much music. I listen to it all of the time and I would say that all of my influences spark me to be more creative! They make me want to write better songs and work on my craft. It can help bring out ideas to make music evolve.

Trina Elle: U see it depends, alot of my influences they all have their own style so u'll take that and see if u can incorporate it in your music to give it that little twist... ex.starting off with a chorus instead of a verse, how certain words are said, or even certain different instruments or microphones u use to get a certain sound...there are so many things that u can get influenced by.

11. Do you want people or do you mean for them to listen and actually think long and hard about your music or do you intend for it to be 'background music'? Why or why not?

Jennings: I would prefer that they listen to the words and really think about what I am saying. If I really wanted it to be background music then I would probably not spend the time crafting and putting together the words. I understand if people have it on in the background because that is enjoyable too, but I want each listener to take something away from my music and lyrics and if it is just background music then they can't really do that.

Trina Elle: I definately want people to think when they hear my music.... simply because i want people to relate to what im saying, i want to be heard.

12. And finally, a question I now ask to everyone I interview - what do you want to be remembered for in the next 10 or 20 years?

Jennings: I want to be remembered not only as a great musician and songwriter but as a genuinely nice and good person. I want people to feel that they have not only connected with the music, but with me as well. Music will change, come and go, and shift, but being a good person I think is universally appreciated.

Trina Elle: Great person who made some great music.

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  1. Can't decide whether this is creative brilliance or slightly lazy (e.g. "good time management") Seeing as it was an enjoyable read to contrast and compare I am leaning towards creative brilliance. Well done young madam :)

  2. You made me smile! Was really pissed off because of this damn 25-page paper I have to write in my native tongue(which is really hard, thank you very much) by Tuesday. This makes me feel better. hahah.

    I'd say a mix of both - actually. If you wanna call me brilliant, who am I to object? hahah.

    I found the 'madam' thing strange. Maybe I'm not used to it.

  3. I loved this idea. Whatever the creative reason behind it, artists are so often compared, so this was an interesting take whether you realized it or not. You asked some truly introspective answers, and I'm glad you got some pretty good results out of these two talented ladies. As usual, they are great finds. :)

    You need to keep doing the interviewing thing. It suits you.

  4. LOL - I'm gonna try this approach in the future! Excellent stuff.

  5. Mel - Awww. thanks! I'd love to do the interview thing more often as well, brilliant stuff!

    Mike - You should. Hahah.


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