Yes, I can't believe it's been ten weeks either!

In celebration of almost a hundred songs (could be more!) going in and out of the chart over the plan of ten weeks, here are the songs that have stayed longer than the rest - proving that they're truly some of the most brilliant songs I've heard this year.

Ola - Sky’s the Limit (4 weeks)
Demi Lovato - Gift of a Friend (4 weeks)
BSB - Straight Through My Heart (Soldier Down) (4 weeks)
BoA - My Boy (4 weeks)
Agnes Carlsson - Release Me (4 weeks)
Kim Joon - Be OK (5 weeks)
Jordin Sparks - No Parade (5 weeks)
JLS - Beat Again (5 weeks)
Industry - My Baby’s Waiting (5 weeks)
Britt Nicole - The Lost Get Found (5 weeks)
BoA - Etude (5 weeks)
JoJo - 25 to Life (6 weeks)
SNSD - Boyfriend (7 weeks)
Ju-Taun - Let Me In (7 weeks)
Big Bang - Gara Gara Go! (7 weeks)
SNSD - Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) (8 weeks)
The Saturdays - Unofficial (9 weeks)

Also, a complete list of the number ones by order of their first week at number one:

JLS - Beat Again (1 week)
JoJo - 25 To Life (2 weeks)
The Saturdays - Unofficial (2 weeks)
Ju-Taun - Let Me In (1 week)
Kim Joon - Be OK (1 week)
Namie Amuro - Girl Talk (1 week)
SNSD - Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) (2 non-consecutive weeks, CURRENT NUMBER ONE)
Britt Nicole - Have Your Way (1 week)


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