An introduction to Philippine Pop Music - Sugarfree

By suggestion, I'm gonna start featuring some Filipino artists from time to time.

Music by the Philippine industry is called OPM - these are ORIGINAL songs written by Filipinos for the Filipino market. The genre spans bands and solo artists though I've seen only one vocal group (and they're pretty old - Apo). Songs are written in either Filipino or English but I personally prefer Filipino 'coz I find it strange when I hear English songs.

I honestly don't like about 95% of the stuff that comes out but the other 5% is either good or brilliant. This is one of the near-brilliant.

I first came to know of Sugarfree's existence in 6th grade (2006, I believe) when my dad began working with them as the producer for their third album. I'm not biased in any way but I honestly think that third album had some of the most brilliant songs. See exhibit A, the final single from the album (translated the title is Don't Cry [anymore]):
I saw them live last night for their final major concert in a while. I know it's not like me to say it but I loved every, single song - even the ones I didn't like from the records. Last night gave me some spark of hope that the Philippine industry isn't all going down the drain - for me, at least.

Sugarfree may never achieve the fame and popularity that some really annoying and crappy bands (*AHEM* Hale *AHEM) have but I'm absolutely sure that they've carved their own niche in the industry. Singing silly love songs for ten years isn't an easy task, mind you.


  1. I know theres a lot of talented people in the Philippines it's just a whole lot of them keep making revivals and always singing in english I mean it's not a bad thing but i rather prefer our own dialect lol. Also I gotta say I love the eraserheads lol not sure if thats your thing though haha.

  2. My dad produced the E-heads albums - I grew up with them. I was there front and center during their two reunion concerts and I kinda liked what I heard. Not so sure about Tito Ely's vocals though.

    Thanks for stopping by, btw!

  3. glad you back with some swell pop introductions. Did you get everything sorted?!

  4. Not exactly but things are going better (apart from the cold).

    What did you think of the band? hahah.

  5. I'm so glad you decided to start presenting some Filipino acts! Rock power ballads aren't really my thing but Sugarfree sound very accomplished and talented in their genre. It's really a sweet little song and I like the video.

    Next - a trashy Filipina dance/pop diva!

  6. Another group I like would probably be Aegis but I've heard only a few songs however they tend to sing the same songs as everyone else. Plus I have an undying love for Carol banawa love her voice lol.

  7. Mike - Sugarfree are the pop/rock/beautiful melody representative! Will have to look for a dance diva - all I've heard are boring ballad singers!

    Goodies - Not a big fan of both, just not my thing. hahah.


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