DBSK - Purple Line

It's been a while since I've 'formally' reviewed something Korean, hasn't it?

No matter how much I try to hide it, the only DBSK/TVQX/Tohoshinki song I actually really, really liked before was Mirotic - not enough for me to fall at their feet. For the longest time I ignored the band and although I knew they're probably SM's biggest international earners, I hadn't found a song that moved me. While I was looking through my friend's iPod (she's a j-pop person, go figure.) I was really, really surprised to see Tohoshinki. I got curious, thankfully and heard Purple Line.

I've heard things about how this song was written by Sooman (In my language if you change the 'oo' into a 'u' that's a tube-like thing made of sweet, sticky rice and coconuts. hahah. He's 'master' SM, tell me if I got that wrong) but went to number one in Japan. Cool.

The title alone will get you interested - what the crap does a 'purple line' have to do with anything? It's intriguing but the song is far from unusual.

Purple Line is pretty much centered around the strong backbeat - it dominates everything. The feel of this song is 'intense' and 'heavy' but it's not like Mirotic, it's a lot edgier. The verses are strong but not over the top, the chorus is catchy and has the required random English words (can't really understand Korean that well - something about really wanting something. Dunno.) so all in all it's worth your time.

As someone who doesn't know the politics/reasons behind the member selection and who can't even put the members' names to their faces, may I say one thing? Yunho isn't a very good singer if you put him beside Junsu or Yoochun and the other 3. Yeah, the guy isn't THAT bad but his voice is so nasal - I heard it here and on Wrong Number. I guess it really IS dance or rot and die in Korea - everyone's saying Yunho's the best dancer. Can't judge though - don't know a thing about dancing.



  1. As a TVXQ megafan, I can confirm that Yunho has some of the best dance moves in the group. And following strongly behind him is Xiah Junsu. To see Yunho's dance moves, you'd have to step out of the Music Video because, as we all know, everyone does the same choreography in a music video. MV's dont really give you room to judge how good someone dances. In any case, you'd have to see his freestyle stuff on variety shows and what not.



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