Hannah Montana in 3D!

Well, well, well.

So this 3D Hannah Montana thing is premiering on October 31(halloween!) in the UK and 6PM on the UK Disney Channel(duh, UK..). It's in 3D, so you'll obviously need the glasses to actually properly watch the concert, which are apparently available in Agors Stores(please note that I have no idea what they are...) or in Sky Kids magazines.

So you guys in the UK, I know there are quite a few of you(since I do review mostly UK stuff..), WATCH IT! haha..

Well obviously, Kenny Ortega has something to do with this. I mean, how could he not? Then there's a host of other guys doing a host of other stuff like the director of photography, Mitchell Amundsen(who apparently did Transformers..) using these really, really HD 3D cameras. So it's obviously very good, technically.

And apparently, it was in cinemas in the UK on March 14 this year, so if you didn't see it then or want to watch it again, WATCH IT TOMORROW!

I saw parts of the concert, and I think it's a good concert, actually. I love the songs, pure, amazing Disney-ness! It's like HSM gone Pop/Rock/Country/Solo. Some songs bother me(with the talking and all..), but both of the soundtracks are amazing(I own them both!)!

So once again, those of you in the UK, here's everything in handy bullet form!(yes, you had to endure my torturous writing just to find out that it's in bullet-form at the bottom of the post!
  • It's on Disney Channel UK on October 31, 2008 at 6 PM.
  • You can get the 3D glasses, if you don't have them yet, at Agros Stores or in Sky Kids Magazine issues
  • Kenny Ortega thought of a produced the show so if you like HSM, then watch it!
  • It sold $29 Million on it's opening weekend and hit number one on the US Box office.
  • Just watch it, OK? OK.
I guess that's it. Did I miss anything? Have you watched it already? If so, any spoilers you wish to share(mwahahaha..!)? Just comment away!


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