Heaps and heaps of new stuff!

Sorry for not posting in weeks, I've been so busy with final exams and projects that it was almost hilarious. But the semester's over, so for the next two weeks, expect a lot more of me! Here are the new stuff that sprouted out during my absence:
  • The new Sugababes album is amazing! A favorite of mine is Side Chick, but the full review to follow.
  • Popjustice released a clip of a track on the new GA album and I'm loving it as well! Yet another battle of the girl groups, GA won the single battle for me, but let's see who'll win the album battle!
  • Two new Craig David tracks came out, I absolutely adore how his greatest hits album is coming together. The way he takes his old style and mixes it with the trends in R&B now puts him leagues ahead of Chris Brown and other acts in his genre.
  • Leon Jackson's b-side is arguably better than the single, although maybe that's because I got a bit sick of Don't Call This Love. Let's hope he does relatively well on the charts and put Leona to shame!
  • Another Taylor Swift song leaked, this time the title track, 'Fearless', which is another strong track on the album and proves once again that Taylor Swift is one of a few in her generation to get the shift from first to second album right.
  • The new Take That single premiered, and may I say, I ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT! I didn't like 'Patience' that much, it was OK, but this new song, I'm loving. Can't wait to hear more!
  • Paula DeAnda has a new song out, and it's not that bad. I loved her debut effort, so let's just see if she can get her sophomore album right.
  • The new top ten is up, I haven't updated it in weeks, so a lot of movement and entrances on the chart. Check it out!
What to expect this week:
  • A review of Catfights and Spotlights, the Sugababes' new album.
  • My ideal Craig David GH album


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