The Saturdays - Chasing Lights

OK, so even though I've heard quite a lot of the album before this, I still made it a point to listen to the album as a whole, just to get the whole feel of it. I've got to admit, I was expecting too much from the girls before I heard this. I mean, I couldn't have said that a debut album was going to be drop-dead gorgeous after hearing the two singles and some b-sides, could I? Nope. But still, for a debut album, I think it's good.

We've obviously heard the two singles, If This Is Love and Up, which are a bit heavier than the other songs on the album. I mean, you hear those two songs and they're so heavy on instrumentation and processing, then you hear the rest of the album and it's like a breath of fresh air. Still, I think Up is a masterpiece.

The next tracks are like heaven for me, I haven't heard this kind of pop done so well in ages! The songs are amazing, the instrumentations make the songs even pop-ier than they already were, and the vocals are spot-on! Whoever wrote these songs should be put on a pedestal.

Keep Her sounds like a possible single, judging by the previous two releases and the upcoming release(Work!), but that might not happen. Still, it's a song that shows us who The Saturdays are music-wise, a song that defines their style. Issues is a very British song, but the melody is just the icing on the cake for me. It just flows, and sounds so effortless, on the songwriters side as well as the vocal side. Work is what happens when you mix American elements with British-sounding melodies. Could they possibly use this to break the US? I mean, they have had success in the UK already, and right now there's a market for acts like them(Lady GaGa, anyone?), and this song sounds 'very US'.

Can I just take a moment to adore Work? I mean, the song is just amazing. I never though I'd see the day that I say this, but Work has just outshone Up. Seriously, the song is so damn amazing! Everything about it, the instrumentation, the melody, the arrangement and the vocals, they're all amazing! The song itself is mind-blowing.

Enough praise for the amazing song, let's move on.

Chasing Lights is a gorgeous song, but I have an issue with it. Not a big fan of Fall, but I like the instrumentation, the piano with those R&B ballad elements, genius. Vulnerable though, I like more than Fall. The melody is slightly better, the song as a whole might grow on me with time but for now, it's not up to par with some of the other songs. The verse of Why Me, Why Now sounds like something I've heard before, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Perhaps you guys can shed some light on the matter?

So, to sum up the album:
Best Track: Work(!)
Better Tracks: Issues, Up, Keep Her
Least Favorite Track: Fall(but it's OK..)
The whole album in one sentence: The whole thing is good, but there's heaps more work the girls need to do to perfect what they're trying to do.
THE RATING: 4.4/5(like I said, a lot of work to be done..)


  1. It seems I'm the only one who thinks that "Fall" is the best ballad in the entire album...


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