X Factor 5 Live Shows - Week 3

So what happened this week? Who rocked, and who totally sucked? Let's find out!(No photos of the Popjustice playsheet this week, I got bored..)

The Boys: There's nothing better than hearing Simon and Louis fight over whether the Westlife version of That's Life was better or not than Scott's no so hot performance this week. I love how Simon said that he didn't pick all their hits, as if saying that he wasn't the only one responsible for their success, which he says a lot. Eoghan's song was so corny, if you ask me. I mean, an Archuleta-minion trying to sing a song that's possibly cheesier than what Girlband did last week? Disaster in the making. Austin's performance was strong, nothing special though, but enough to get him through to next week.

The Girls: These girls just don't stop, do they? Alexandra's performance was consistent, but still, I don't see anything out of this world from her. She's not as good and different as the other two girls, but she has a voice, and she uses it. Laura was, in one word, amazing. She took on a Billie Holiday song, and did it amazingly. And once again, Diana was one of my favorites, she just keeps on giving us strong performances and with that gorgeous voice of hers and the fabulous song choices, she'll go far in this competition. My only worry though is that if she wins, Simon might turn her into this stereotypical 'jazz' singer, which I don't want her to become.

The Group: JLS were strong tonight although I'd have to agree with Cheryl, those capes at the start were not only hideous, they were a nuisance. What did they have to do with the performance? But the song was good and the vocals were strong, considering they're an R&B group. They've just glided their way back next week, that's for sure.

The Over 25's: Daniel was horrible, again. I can't seem to think why anyone would want him in the competition, is it pity or something? I mean, I know the guy's wife died, but the fact that he dedicates almost every song to his wife is kind of too much. Maybe dedicate one or two songs, but every time you ask him why he chose a song we get the same reply, 'It's for my wife'. And he doesn't have a grip on his voice, he doesn't know how to use it properly. Rachel was strong this week, and she definitely deserves to come back next week. Ruth though, stole the show. Her vocals were drop-dead gorgeous, and the song fit her like a glove, just as good as Fantasia's version.

The results show performance(new!): Hero by the top twelve. It was OK, but I wish Diana got more solo parts.

The sum-up in one sentence: Nothing much happened this week, but my prediction last week came true, Daniel and one of the boys were the bottom two, but Daniel should've went.

What I want to happen next week: Daniel to suck, again, but JLS, Diana and Ruth to be amazing again.


  1. love love love Laura!! Daniel sucks. he shouldve been the one to go.


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