Craig David's GH!

OK, So I know the tracklisting was already on Wikipedia, but I like comparing if I got my own GH right. So, what did I get right?

What I Got Right:

Fill Me In
7 Days
Rise and Fall
What's Your Flava?
Where's Your Love?
You Don't Miss Your Water('Till the Well Runs Dry)
All The Way
World Filled With Love
Don't Love You No More(I'm Sorry)
This is The Girl

What I Didn't Get Right:

Walking Away
Just Your Imagination
6 of 1 Thing
Hidden Agenda
Hot Stuff

See? 11 out of 19 right. YES! So, go out and get your copy now, it rocks, big time!


  1. is it out now? i thought it was out November in the UK?

  2. 1yeah, but it leaked already... so yeah.

  3. 1yeah, but it leaked already... so yeah.


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