New Music!

I interrupt the boyband special for some of my new addictions! A quick one today, I'm leaving in an hour.
  • I'm now, officially addicted to The White Tie Affair. Think Panic! At the Disco + Metro Station, amazing melodies, cool instrumentals.
  • My dad is now officially addicted to the Ting Tings. I like to think I had a hand in getting him addicted : ). Remember, annoyingly brilliant! haha. As I'm writing this, he's playing That's Not My Name on the stereo at max. YES!
  • Never in a million years did I expect to like Peter Andre. I'm liking Insania, cool song, great melody but so-so vocals. He's done pretty well in music, apparently. haha.
  • I'm liking Another Level's Freak Me as well. Amazing melody and the rest of their debut album is just brilliant.
  • The GA b-sides are awesome! I'm loving the megamix more than Memory Of You but they're both amazing! Plus the fact that it's apparently on 7" vinyl. Heck, I don't even know what that is!(Ok, I know it's one of those big black round thingies but that's it.)
  • A still addicted to the Lady GaGa acoustic thing, it's so different from the original one! Speaking of her, Just Dance is number one in the UK this week! James Morrison is number two as well, yay!
  • Northern Line ARE AMAZING. Check out the boyband post tomorrow: 5 Boybands that Demand Your Attention for more on probably the most amazing boyband in that post! haha.
  • Craig David + Monrose? Coolness! I don't like Walking Away to start with but the idea of him doing a duet with different people in different continents reminds me of the BoA/Christian Castro thing Westlife did for FWW on their GH1. haha.
Other than that, there's nothing really new or groundbreaking. Remember, the Varsity Fanclub album comes out TOMORROW!(at least that's that I saw on a few blogs and sites..) Yay! Something to review! Yipeeeeee!


  1. I'm loving the White Tie Affair as well -- thanks for the recommendation!

    And VFC's album got delayed. I posted about it. :(

  2. I know! I'm loving them soooooooo much!

    I know as well! I'm so annoyed. gar.

  3. Haha. My dad also is into the Ting Tings last year, he's like into audio equipment and he liked most of their songs from "We Started Nothing" because they have stomping basses.. Funny. LOL.


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