The songs I forgot about.

So as you know, my countdown consisted of 72 of the most amazing songs released this year. Even with 72 of them, I managed to miss a heck of a lot. Here are the songs that I completely forgot about or didn't notice until waaay after the countdown had started but certainly deserved a place in it! garrr.

Nikki Kerkhof - Bring Me Down
Amy Diamond - Thank You
Michelle Branch - Together
Danny - Kiss You All Over
Corbin Bleu - Celebrate You
Queensberry - Butterfly
Lady Sovereign - I Got You Dancing
EMD - Alone
Elise Estrada - These 3 Words
Blake Lewis - How Many Words?
Marit Larsen - If A Song Could Get Me To You

I'll be reviewing some of them, but some I won't(I can't review all of that on top of what I've been planning, can I?). How could I have forgotten them? garrr.


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