New Music!

Well, well, the first new music post of the year! What's been constantly playing on my iPod and iTunes? haha.
A bit short today, nothing much from my side..
  • I first heard of KSM during one of my random chats with BeE from Pop Nation. Turns out, they weren't a girl group, they were literally a girl rock band! haha. I'm not quite myself today, so excuse the strange and rather stiff writing. And I loved Hero In You as well! Amazing song, amazing melody, very Disney. I can imagine it in a Disney chick-flick.
  • I watched the Royal Variety Performance a few weeks ago and I saw this cool A capella group called Naturally 7. I did my research but I couldn't find any of their albums online or in the stores so I let it go. Yesterday though, I finally found their current album! yay for me! I gave it a listen and they're amazing! Not just because the album is completely a capella but because the songs are brilliant. I'm not loving the lead single though.
  • I'm still addicted to the Pixie Lott song. If you haven't heard The Fall yet, you're missing out on a lot!!!!!
  • I've heard part of the GA concert audio and it's OK, nothing special for me. Maybe I don't adore them enough to download every single performance of theirs(ahem.. Westlife ahem...) but still, it's not bad.
  • I just heard a song by this girl called Melanie Fiona and I like it! Think Melinda Doolittle or someone like her singing Duffy's Mercy. I love it! haha.


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