BSB vs. Westlife - Color My World

So some background on the song itself first. It was written by Andreas Carlsson, Savan Kotecha, Harry Sommerdahl, the first two have written a lot for pop acts like Westlife and BSB(so they're kinda like gods in my book.).

According to my research(haha, it sounds funny..), Westlife were the first to release it in 2005, it was on their seventh album(the first Westlife album I ever bought!). Around the same time, I heard of a version by BSB, and I remember having it in my library but it might've disappeared somehow. ANYWAY, it was supposedly released in 2006 as a b-side or it just remained an unreleased track.

I don't know if both bands got it because they're on the same record company and Westlife are in the UK while BSB are in the US and all, but the fact that both of them have versions makes it all the more better! Let's see how each one squared off for me.

This'll be great, two of the biggest boybands, ever! haha.

The Westlife version:

I've professed my undying love for Westlife from the very start, but this just solidifies the fact that they're amazing vocalists. They don't have wimpy voices like other boybands of their time, Shane has a smooth yet somehow rough voice on this song and Mark is just well, Mark. Soulful yet smooth. Amazing!

I think this song needs some kind of maturity, some kind of rigidness in it, but it also needs what Shane and Mark have when they take lead.

The BSB version:

So the BSB version is a little too rough and/or wimpy for me. Was Nick the one doing the middle-8? It seems a little tooooo rough for me, and there's no smoothness in any of the parts. Plus the fact that some of their voices are just plain wimpy.

The conclusion:

WESTLIFE WIN!(again, haha.)


  1. i love the bsb version
    maybe because i found the bsb version first, and a few years later i just discover (now) that its westlife's release. ive always love both bands but maybe i like it rougher. westlife... i dont know..they are too perfect. just my 2cents

  2. bsb are best..brian and aj have done wonderfull ob..nick is goob too.


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