There's an acoustic version of Lady GaGa's Poker Face(strange, I know. I didn't believe it until I heard it). I kind of like the version, actually. It's very quirky unlike the very dance/edge-y original one. Actually, I really like it! haha.

BTW, she's also apparently number one right now in the US with Just Dance. YAY! I so love that song, especially the A capella version! haha.

Random, much? It's 5 in the morning and I'm supposed to be getting ready for school, which includes printing out my homework but noooooo, I just have to blog about this, don't I? haha. ANYWAY.


  1. Oh. I heard this one and it's effin' awesome. I'm really diggin' her music right now. :) Good for her she's #1!


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