American Idol Auditions - Week 1

American Idol may now have the reputation for destroying and sanitizing the winners but we can't deny the fact that it's so fun watching a 'star' being made, even though we know they're gonna be murdered.

Well guys, it's my first live blog thingy, so take it easy on me!

OMG! Eeew. Simon Cowell during the first season. What was he thinking? Then a montage of auditions and 'special idol moments', very predictable. AND a montage of Ryan saying 'This is American Idol'..haha. Yeah, yeah, Idol changed Cook's life, but they murdered his music! Gar. Montages everywhere, can they think of anything more interesting? Why do they have to cut to a break after the flashback? Garrrrrr.

So they're in Arizona for this episode. I like the guy in a can costume thingy! They're introducing Kara DioGuardi. Look, I know her and I can name five other people who know her, so why did Ryan just say that you probably don't know her if you're Jewel or the other artists she worked with.

The first contestant of the year! Eep! Haha. Love his hair and he's Vietnamese! Twan Win. OK, he's not very good at all, and he's like going out of tune! Corny dance though. What is it with unconventional hair this season?

Well the next contestant's mom's a singer, she might be anywhere near good. Hmmm. Not bad but the high notes are a bit awkward. She can sing though and she is different. She's in a band, and she hasn't told them. OOOH.

The first rocker of the season. Nope. Not very good. He's crying? Already? They're fighting? Strange. So no yes' yet. Hmmm. There's another guy, nice voice. If he doesn't murder the melody of FLYING WITHOUT WINGS that much. HE GOT THROUGH! He seems Pinoy. oooooooh. YES! But he should really stop murdering songs.

Then there's a really nervous guy. He's got the strangest voice, it sounds so strange. Can he even sing? Haha Bulgarian. He sang a Kara song? Whoa, and he's having a panic attack.

An ad, again? What the? And it's back!

Haha. Another auditionee murdering a song, and another one and another one. Guy with a guitar! X-ray. That's his name. That is straaaaaaaaaange. Did he even use that guitar? So this next girl founded an organization. She reminds me of Marie Digby. HEY! She's good. I like her, she'll be a very good popstar! haha. Will remember her, Arianna.

Ad break. Back from break and it's day two! An hour has passed already? haha.

Guy with a deep voice. Elijah. Not very good, can he even sing? Next up, girl who just turned sixteen, she's like the typical giggly 'like, yeah, like um, duh.' girl. OH. She's Kara's biggest fan. Is she any good? Maybe if she was picked up by Disney(note: I just wrote that before Randy said HSM..), it would work but no, not for the mainstream market, no. A girl who was named after Stevie Nix(is that the right spelling?). They like her. OOOH.

Is back. haha.

Oil/builder guy! haha. He's kinda good, a few technical problems here and there but he has a voice! Will watch out for him. Ah yes, the obligatory montage of bad auditions.

Bikini girl. She can't really sing well. I mean, there are good parts but she's more for Disney, I think. Maybe her and giggly girl can star in a TV show. I agree with Kara, she doesn't have any soul or 'groove'. OOOOH. Catfight. THEY PUT HER THROUGH TO HOLLYWOOD? NO! WHY? GAR.

They're saying how to pronounce Kara's name. haha. Next guy. No. Not good enough, his voice is too weak. Girl who can't believe this is happening! haha. No for me. There's something shaky about her. She called him Sim-y? What the? OH! She's through? I have my reservations.

Girl with no family with her, she's interesting. I like her! YAY! She's through! Emo-looking guy's next. He makes horror films! He's not bad, I can see him out with an album anytime soon. YAY! He got in too! AAAAHHHH! I LOOOOOVE him! haha.

And they're back!

Blank guy who sang in the closet late at night. His voice is like a higher and less better James Morrison. So he's through? haha.

And the episode's almost done, I can tell. There's the sum up thing and the worse auditionees singing the same song. One last audition!

And we're back!

The guy's got really bad tunnel vision, and he's a singer songwriter. Is he any good though? He reminds me a bit of Guy Sebastian, I'm liking him! I like him! He's good! haha. YAY! He's through! WHOOT! I'm rooting for him! Scott. Will remember that name.

And the live blog is done! Was it any good? haha.


  1. Good plan, I may try to do live blogs on Idol as well, if I can type fast enough. Haha. Some notes:

    -That Bikini girl was a thorn in my side with the amount of publicity she got. She's the type of girl that I just do not tolerate in her idiocy and "mean girl"ness, showing off her "hot" body and such. I'm glad Kara stood up to her. I wish Kara would have smacked her in her rightful place to be honest. Maybe that will happen during Hollywood week.

    -And the girl was named after Stevie Nicks. Are you familiar with her? She was the frontwoman for Fleetwood Mac. You should check out the song "Edge of Seventeen". It's freakin' killer. :)


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