Well it's official, physical sales will no longer count in calculating sales figures of an album in the UK. Here's the article:

Commercial radio chart Hit40UK has announced it is ditching CD sales from its official figures.

The weekly singles chart, which broadcasts across 130 stations, is to be based solely on digital downloads from this weekend.

Its owner, Global Radio, says downloads account for 96% of the data from which the chart is compiled.

The show, broadcast on Sunday and available online, pulls in 1.9 million weekly listeners.

Global Radio's Hit Music Network group programme director Paul Jackson said: "Downloads have now become the driving force for record sales, as the statistics clearly show."

"It makes complete sense to reflect the changes in how people are listening to music."

Official Charts Company managing director Martin Talbot said: "We are delighted to be working with the commercial radio sector to take the chart into the future."

Hmm, I wonder what'll happen to the physical market? I know it's disappearing and all but this'll just stop sales completely. I guess it's time for that though. haha.


  1. It hasn't gotten that tech savvy in America yet, but I think once it does, the age of CDs will be officially dead. :( So sad.

  2. I know! I'll miss actually holding a single/album in my hands. I like downloading and all, but actually holding the actual CD in your hand kind of validates the fact that it's real and not some virtual thing.

    In short, I like my physical albums.. haha.

  3. I agree. Even though CDs are a little bit expensive, I at least spend my money to buy the CDs that I really like but then I first have to listen to its entirety before I can buy it.

    Anyways, I see that you already have GA's Megamix Volume 2. Memory of You is amazing. :)

  4. Agreed!

    Haha yeah. I love both tracks! Brilliance.


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